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Vile - Chapter 6 - Isolation

2023-01-23 00:02:01

In the endless night of the darkest reaches of the forest, where the distant screeches fade to obscurity and the dust fall drifts not in piles but abound, the nude form of an Egyptian beauty ventures at desperate pace across the landscape. His dark chest heaving with each heavy breath, his silky thighs burning from exhaustion, and a scarce trail of tiny sweat droplets glistening faintly in his wake. Nefertiti had stopped once before, foolish enough to assume his pursuers had long lost his scent, and it was this very mistake that left the life of his beloved Akhen forfeit; he would not make this mistake again, for even though the core of his heart screamed in agony for his lost love, even though it truly did not wish to go on, it was for Akhen that he would continue to survive. The only thing in this world or any other that could right the wrongs that had befallen these two souls entwined was to escape the dogs of a mother most wicked and one day return to purge her evil forever. His body was raked with pain, his every nerve inflamed with overbearing strain, his muscles and very bones feeling as if they would shatter; a feminine voice winced and whimpered with each exponentially more difficult step, until it was all he could do to continue fleeing. Then, just as the world had seemed to catch up with him, an anomaly came into view and Nefertiti witnessed something he had never seen before; this place was not an endless expanse of trees, a looping maze of paradox and horrors. A great cliff overlooking a deep chasm broke the tedium of woodland into a most brilliant expanse of jet black sky. Ivory dust cascaded from every reach of Nefertiti's vision, the illumination of its sheer abundance near giving the illusion of daylight. To see something so marvelous, so elegant in its simplistic divergence of the rest of this wretched place filled the young man with a comforting warmth; his gorgeous eyes sparkled as the dust fall's vibrancy was captured within, and finally he was able to rest. With no conscious thought to do so, Nefertiti's body collapsed beneath him, and he fell into a deep and dreamless slumber.

The gentle sound of a cute yawn woke Rhino from his waning sleep, his tired eyes peering through thin slits to focus upon Bird's stretching physique, her perky breasts presented from her arching back. Had it all been a dream between them? Rhino's memories were those of a trance, blurred fragments of what may or may not have happened, and no mind of what led up to the events; he blushed thinking about what he had shared with the girl he had grown to feel such affection for, remembering stroking her pretty brown hair as he watched his manhood disappear and reappear from her lips, her entire body flush red and hot with sweat as she longed for him. This was hardly the sort of thing that happened to a guy like him, the fat guy never gets the cute girl after all. Until Rhino had arrived in this surreal place he would have been able to count the number of times he spoke to a girl for more than a minute on one hand, at least those he was not related to anyhow; he found it was best not to mention it. Bird rose from the indent in which she had slept so peacefully, her smooth form stretching once more as she stood, her round butt shaking lightly to dismiss the white dust that clung to her skin. The overweight man blushed deeply within his mask, trying his best to avoid being noticed and not seem like he was staring even though he was. Rhino felt guilty for being so drawn to her, this brunette angel straight from his dreams; he knew nothing would ever come of the two of them, she was Bloodhound's girl and a friend, but all he wanted to do was reach out and touch that soft, pale flesh.

"Hi, Rhino!" Bird smiled sweetly, her shiny pink lips such a warming sight in a world so hidden by masks, the innocence of her voice delicately stroking the reaches of his ears like heavenly fingers. He stammered, unsure whether he should look at her or avert his gaze; "H-hi, Bird... sleep well?" She giggled, her cheeks ever so slightly glowing a rosy hue, "Slept great! You're sweet!" Relief washed over him as he heard her caring words, as if she was reassuring him of something she had no way of knowing, and all he could do was smile. Like he thought, the heavy guy never gets the cute girl, but if all he could have with her was a loving friendship it was certainly better than nothing; or at least he thought. Glancing over at the still sleeping Bloodhound, his muscular frame so still he would have seemed dead were it not for the light snoring, Bird voiced the cutest of pouts; turning her attention back to Rhino and careful to maintain balance on the uneasy footing of the heap, she sauntered towards the tall man who watched her with such affection. Tender thighs stepped to each side of the sitting man's, her small frame closing in as her knees bent to a straddling crouch over his lap, and with a hand on either of Rhino's shoulders she did her best to look through the slats of his mask into his eyes. "...Kind of embarrassed to admit, but uh... ever since we got here I haven't been able to shake something." Rhino gulped deeply, his hands hovering just above this angel's hips in fear of making direct contact, "W-what uh... I uh... wha-what haven't you been able to... to shake?" The flustered man's heart pounded so wildly he felt he would die, his eyes staring in disbelief as the woman for which he felt so much passion pressed her silky body against him. Bird's voice was so sensual, so free of even the faintest signs of her familiar timid nature, "My body's just... been so hot... all I want to do is..." She blushed deeply, as if that old shy demeanor was rapidly catching up to her, but just as soon as she had hesitated her lust once again reclaimed her, "Do you want to fuck me, Rhino?"

The two of them stared in silence for what must have been an eternity, Bird's heated thighs now squeezing tightly against her prey's hips, Rhino frozen and unsure of how to respond, his body trembling steadily. Without a word of response from her would be lover, the passionate brunette leaned in and gently placed her lips against Rhino's neck, kissing along its curvy to his collar bone and sending shivers throughout his form; it all clicked when he felt an intensely hot, singular droplet fall against his throbbing manhood from between Bird's thighs, and like an animal Rhino pressed his looming hands firmly to the softest flesh he had ever known, thrusting her hips down into his lap. Like instinct, Bird's frame slid down in a precise and fluid motion, her heavenly entrance swallowing the length of Rhino's cock deep within, the impossibly pink folds constricting the pulsing girth as the two of them began to mate. The sensual young woman pressed her primal body tightly against her new lover's form, her hips rocking with far greater power than one would expect from her petite frame as she gasped and moaned. The husky man gripped his lover's hips so hard he feared he would hurt her, a fear dismissed almost immediately by her riding with increased aggression.

Pushing Rhino further back against the dust heap, her own body leaning down closer and pressing her breasts against the man's chest, Bird drove her hips as though she were riding a bull, taking the husky man's entire length into her again and again with rapidly growing enthusiasm. Rhino moaned out, completely overwhelming by the sensations devouring him both body and mind as he made love to the source of his infatuation. Wide hands slid down from the brunette's hips to her firm ass, pulling their groins against one another with an assertiveness as new to the awkward man as his current fortune was. Passion completely enveloped the two of them as they doused the grains beneath them in sweat, heavy panting so intense it assuredly would stir the nearby sleeping Bloodhound, though in truth their moaning already had. In unison the lustful pair reached an intense climax, Rhino attempting to withdraw at the last moment and Bird resisting him, forcing his seed deep inside her with an assuring bite of her lower lip. Warm breath filled the space between their masks as they gazed upon one another, their hearts frantically beating in the aftermath of spontaneous sex. Taking a moment to lean in close and kiss Rhino's chest, Bird let out a cute giggle beneath her gradually calming breath and lifted herself upon her less than completely stable knees.

"Morning!" Bloodhound's voice was unusually light-hearted. Bird let out a surprised shriek at the sudden greeting, her shaky knees buckling beneath her as she fell back against the heap. "D-don't scare me like that!" Quickly the young girl shifted onto her hands and knees as she scurried towards the freshly woken Bloodhound, sitting against his stomach and giving him a playful glare, "Jerk!" The sound of the strong man's responding laughter forced the brunette's smirk into a scowl; his swat to her ass cheek caused her to yelp. "Good to see you both getting along so well." Though it could not be seen, it was obvious to his partners that Bloodhound was smiling. Bird blushed deeply, glancing over at Rhino and biting her lip, "W-well Rhino's fun too, ya know... and you were asleep! Lazy!" She swatted her first lover's chest tauntingly before being suddenly pulled into a deep embrace, Bloodhound leaning close to her ear so that his warm breath could reach it, "Just glad to see we only had to lose Ox." Bird's smile faded as she lifted back into a seated position, looking almost ashamed. "...I hope Ox is alright... I feel bad for how ugly that all got." Bloodhound stroked the once more timid girl's slick brown hair to comfort her, his voice mustering a soothing tone scarce for him, "Bird, the guy left because he's a dick. We'll see him again when he calms down."

"Please, it was so beautiful watching such passion! I would hate for gloom to settle in now..." Madre's otherworldly figure stood mere feet away, her silver hair glistening almost unnaturally in the dim glow of the heap, "I trust you all slept well?" Bird sprung to her feet and nodded enthusiastically, the others soon standing to greet the alluring woman in turn. "We did... thank you for the warm welcome and letting us sleep here." Rhino nodded in agreement, moving close to Bird in hopes to distract himself with her warmth as to avoid a similar incident as the last time he stared at Madre too long. Bloodhound followed suit, putting his arm around Bird's shoulders, his voice sincere but direct, "I think we've overstayed our welcome, though... we should really get back." Madre paused a moment at Bloodhound's mention of leaving. "Ah... forgive me, sometimes these things slip my mind. Where was it the three of you will be returning to?" Something in the woman's voice, as friendly as her tone was, lingered in each of their minds. Bird spoke first, "We uh... well it's kind of like this; a lot, in fact. We only met you because we mistook it for our own." Madre smirked beneath her mask, the curvy hourglass that was her form almost gliding close to the cute brunette, "That's right... it's all coming back to me now. And... might I ask what it is you hope to find there?" Bird stared a moment, perplexed in how she should take such a question, but before she could answer Rhino spoke up; "We've got others back there we haven't seen since we left... we should really check in on them."

The sound of Madre snickering at Rhino's words left a bad taste in Bloodhound's mouth, a sentiment the others shared. "...Something weird about that?" Madre sighed, her focus turning to the near antagonized Bloodhound, "Oh, my dear... I mean nothing by it. They are your people, of course you would like to see them. However..." She paused a moment, "You did have a fourth. It is because of his... distaste for my abode that he is no longer here, and as he left so long ago I am sure he has made it back by now." A goddess strolled across the dust in Rhino's direction until she was mere inches away, her mask glancing in Bloodhound's direction as she delicately stroked her exposed hand along the contour of Rhino's neck. "Though... if you're that concerned I could certainly see the need for one of you to make your way back." Madre turned her full attention to Rhino, her arm wrapping around his shoulders as the opposite leg slid up his outer thigh, her massive breasts pressing against his chest and resting against the upper curve of his extended gut; "I could even send one of my own as escort. My dear Rhino... so tall and strong, would you mind terribly going after your friend? If not for me... for them?" She glanced towards Bird and Bloodhound, their posture close together, a muscled arm securely holding a timid frame and truly making them appear as a couple. Madre leaned in close, her warm breath cascading along Rhino's neck as this hypnotic woman whispered into the space just beneath his ear, "...I think they'd like some alone time, and I feel I already know you so well... You're just the man for the job." The husky man blushed at the seductive, soft voice pleading for his assistance, all thought other than this goddess fading into the distant background. "Y-yeah... I can do that."

Rhino looked over at his companions as they patiently waited, his voice eager and filled with confidence, "I'll go, guys! I have some... making up to do with Ox anyhow, I don't think he likes me all that much... You two stay here and get to know these guys!" Bird and Bloodhound stared bewildered, "A-alright, are you sure?" Bird's voice was soft, almost discouraging though she assuredly would never have meant for it to be. Rhino nodded in response, and with an expectant, wide eyed expression he looked back to the voluptuous woman so tightly pressed against him, and shivered at the sound of her sensual voice. "Thank you, my dear..." As Rhino made his way down to the grass at the base of the heap he found himself joined by a stocky man covered in a large beard; the man glanced over his shoulder in Madre's direction to be met with an affirming nod, and the two of them vanished into the darkness just as Ox had the night before.

As the fine grains of dust crumbled from the opening passage, a hideous man obscured by a dark mask could hear the echoing sounds of sobbing from the dim depths of the chamber. Hulking steps upon rough ivory thudded heavily towards the sorrowful sounds of women off in the distance, and as this brute drew closer the white of the floor beneath him stained ever thicker with the sticky tar of old blood. This dungeon was no stranger to brutality and blood, the home of a grotesque history of abused slaves reaching far deeper in time than all but those in scarlet cloaks could ever know, yet the gore was always at the hands of monsters such as himself; he had not yet bled one of his toys today, and he was always the first to arrive. His eyes now accustomed to the dim glow of the walls, his steps halted shortly just as the sound of popping bones crackled from beneath his weighted foot; all around him were the varying forms of enslaved women. Amongst those locked in this vile place were those who sobbed and hid themselves against the walls in some vain attempt to avoid that which plague their senses, while others rested quietly in trance as though their trauma was simply too much to endure, or perhaps they simply no longer cared; anyone else was simply dead, laid out across the sickening carnage in bludgeoned and torn heaps of cruelty so great they could not rejuvenate. The deformed brute's nostrils flared at the scent of murder around him, his fists clenching in frustration at the savage enigma that exceeded even his own vicious tendencies. Further bones cracked beneath lumbering feet growing closer to the center of the madness, those most traumatized receding from him as if they feared he had been the one to commit such crimes, and a single exception shattered expectation. From the darkest corner, still cast thick in black shadows, the small frame of a dark skinned girl bolted towards the slaver and clasped her arms tightly around his lower body, releasing tears and cries so desperate it was as though they had never before escaped.

"P-please... stay! Use my body! Touch me... ravage me... beat me..." Her sobs seemed uncontrollable to the perplexed man, his confused expression hidden beneath his mask as he stared upon her trembling form. "...Do... do anything, just stay... Please don't leave... it was horrible..." She clenched ever tighter, her cries deepening as she bared her very soul to one of the men who had shown such malice before, "...J-just don't let... that thing... c-come back...!" Her fingers dug into the knobbly flesh of a lesser evil's thigh, her tears forming into a small puddle at his foot. Grunting with indifference, the great ogre of a man gripped the girl's ebony hair firmly and in a single motion threw her into the vile muck; turning his back to her and slowly fading into the darkness, as the passage he had only just entered through reformed the last view of his movements appeared as though they were hastened. The now blood slathered girl cried out in desperate pleas not to be left alone, but with the wall now sealing once more she whimpered softly to herself, her tearful eyes gazing intently until the last of the gap took shape, and proceeded to allow a restrained smile to eclipse her face. Raising to her feet the unchained young woman's expression grew to that of deep elation at the isolation she had grown to embrace. Taking delicate steps towards those who remained living within the chamber over the corpses of those who did not the ebony haired girl saw each of them draw further from her, their previous displays of exaggerated fear now taking absolute truth. "...Well done."

Akhen's lips were softer than he had ever imagined, his touch so tender and warm against silky Egyptian skin as the two of them embraced one another wrapped within their own passion. A firm hand gripped Nefertiti's smooth ass as the two lovers pressed their bodies close, their lips entwined as their tongues wrestled within, the warmth between them growing ever hotter with each moment. The feminine beauty stroked his fingers through a mane of satin hair, his eyes steadily opening as their shimmer gazed towards his beloved's shaded visage, hoping in vain that even the slightest glimmer of light would reveal the face of the man he loved. Nefertiti bit Akhen's lower lip and gave a gentle tug, his eyes filled with passion, his legs slipping around the man above him and pulling him closer, his engorged penis twitching excitedly at the touch of his lover's own as their groins began to rock together, grinding the length of their shafts close. Akhenaten's lips graced the contour of a perfect cheekbone back to his delicate other's earlobe, kissing and sucking upon it with a gentle pull of his teeth as his neck was kissed by Nefertiti's feminine mouth. The darker toned bottom shifted his hips in such a way as to hook his cock around the back of his man's own, pressing tightly against him to grind as his legs pulled against Akhen's ass, the mutual pulse between them causing a trickle of moisture to escape his tip. Groans filled the curves of the Egyptian's ear with hot breath, Nefertiti's fingers gripping his partner's hair and pulling back his head to once again gaze upon him, "Let me taste you..."

His muscled frame fell from atop his lover's womanly form onto his back against the soft grass of the forest's floor, all to be bathed in a dim glow but his fast which remained mysteriously cast in black from the shadow of a nearby tree. Nefertiti whimpered slightly at the continued disguise of Akhen's face but was unable to ask to see it, overwhelmed by the great heat within his slender form as his eyes fell upon the skyward spire that was his lover's manhood. Crawling methodically towards the object of his desires, the emerald eyed admirer sat back onto his knees, curled his fingers around his lover's balls and the base of his shaft, lowered his head and tauntingly flicked his tongue across Akhen's tip. Blushing a deep shade of red as he let the taste of sweet nectar fill his mouth, Nefertiti kissed the head before sucking deeply upon its furthest extremity, his tongue flicking and caressing the swollen flesh as it gradually made its way deeper between his hungry lips. Akhen moaned as sensual fervor spread through his groin, the softest lips he had ever known eagerly sucking upon his throbbing cock, an immensely gifted tongue swirling and massaging the perimeter of his girth as inch by inch he was devoured by moist suction. Nefertiti's green eyes rolled back at the luscious perfection now thrusting ever further into the depths of his throat, his head bobbing on his lover's cock, his hand squeezing securely against the sack beneath as his other hand's nails seductively scraped along Akhen's toned stomach.

Groans and whimpers of immense pleasure escaped the two lovers, and Akhen's tender aggression reclaimed its dominance once more, pulling his beloved's hair back to withdraw from his mouth before flipping him around and climbing atop his sensual form. A swift palm smacked Nefertiti's round ass cheek as its owner took position behind him, Akhen's grasp securely capturing a pair of wiggling hips to lock them in place as the tip of his swollen dick immediately pressed against his lover's pucker, smothering it in his own pre-cum. Nefertiti bit his lip and gazed back over his shoulder to feign an alluring innocence, "Please... be gentle....." Lower bodies locked together with an electrically charged intensity, the lovers' smoldering bodies thrusting sharply into one another with unparalleled bliss long into the night. Their rapture was intoxicating, their sweaty bodies flawlessly synchronized with each and every motion from the pleasure of their love making to the tenderness of their spooning figures. The beautiful young man rested peacefully in his powerful lover's arms, Akhen's flaccid length resting across Nefertiti's warm thigh beneath his gorgeous ass. Delicate kisses made their way along the curve of Nefertiti's tan neck up to his ear, and with a soft voice Akhenaten whispered, "...I love you, Titi."

Nefertiti woke peacefully at the edge of the cliff, his body warm and deeply content as his lover's lingering touch soothed him, but it was all short lived; reaching back with the briefest of futile expectation, green eyes filled with tears at the vacant space in which Akhen should have been, and reality's cruelty settled in. "...I love you too, Akhen....."