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Hot Teacher Enslaved (Pt. Two)

2022-08-07 00:00:03

Mrs. Lucy Harper (43) bawled her eyes out all evening worrying about what to tell her husband. She had tried to protect her teenage son, Brian, from a gang collecting on his gambling debts. The hooligans slipped her a strange drug then a dozen of them stripped her and callously used her body. Worse, the drug made her enjoy the humiliation. They shaved her pubes and tattooed the shaven area with an evil eye saying it was their gang emblem. They warned her that the drug was addictive and she would die unless they gave her more.

She couldn’t tell her husband what had happened! How could she explain the tattoo -- or the bruises covering her body? What could she do? The shock almost made her go to pieces. Three showers and she still felt dirty from their filth.

By the time her husband, George, came home at 11pm, she finally had herself under control; her eyes dried and make-up covering the redness.

Lucy melted into George’s arms in relief. He, feeling quite amorous swept her off her feet and directly onto the bed, untying her bathrobe. Wide-eyed, taken aback, he stared at her shaven pussy and outrageous tattoo. “What the hell have you done to yourself? Lucy, what is that?”

Lucy, the normally prim and proper school teacher, trembled in fear but managed to lie: “I...I...I thought, maybe, that is, I wanted to look sexy for you. I thought shaving might be sexy.”

“Shaving?! That’s a hell of a lot more than just shaving! What the hell is that, that thing? That eye!” George was horrified.

“George, I love you. Please understand. I accidentally picked the wrong tattoo. It was dark. I thought I was pointing at a red heart.” Lucy stammered another lie.

“You went to a tattoo parlor? You had them tattoo your privates? Some tattoo artist touched your privates?” George was outraged and stormed out.

Lucy heard the door slam. A car screeched away and she wept most of the night. George returned the next day, moved his clothes into the spare bedroom and refused to speak to her or listen to her.

She went around in a daze the next two days, mumbling and stumbling in front of her class. Late on the second day, she abruptly felt painfully sick and dizzy. Lucy felt desperately in need of something and shuddered at the realization she needed that filthy drug those monsters had given her. By morning she was doubled up in pain and nausea. George pointedly ignored her.

The phone rang. It was John, the student she had gotten expelled, the student who belonged to the gang.

“Good morning Mrs. Lucy Harper. How are you?” John was so polite.

“What do you want? What have you done to me?” Lucy’s weak, sick-sounding voice pleaded.

“Thought you might like a treat, that’s all. I have some more of that coffee additive you liked so much a couple days ago. You probably need it by now. Besides, it’s time for you to start earning some money to pay off Brian’s loan.” John chuckled, enjoying himself.

“Please, don’t do this. Leave me alone. Just give me the drug. Anything. Just give me the drug. Please.” Poor Mrs. Lucy Harper was confused and desperate.

“Here’s the deal. You will drive to the park now and pick me up. I’ll give you today’s dose. Then you will pay for it. Tomorrow I’ll give you more and you can start paying off Brian’s loan.” John took charge of the conversation and followed with detailed instructions. “You will wear black lace stockings, your highest heeled red shoes. No panties. No bra. I want your big tits to bounce. Wear a short skirt, not one of your knee length ones. This one must be at least 6” above your knee. If you don’t have one, cut that pink skirt of yours to size. Wear a white, see through blouse with the top two buttons undone. Put your hair in two school girl pigtails and wear a pearl necklace. Oh, and smile my sweet. We’re going out to dinner and dinners on you.”

Lucy wilted at the mortifying demands but meekly agreed; she needed the drug right away.

The only black lace stockings she had were the ones she used to please George. She had no red shoes but did have a black stiletto pair. Having not a single short skirt she reluctantly but rapidly cut and hemmed her favorite pink skirt. She finished the ensemble with the sheer blouse she only wore late at night for George. She had no choice; it was her only sheer blouse. Finally, she braided her hair into long pigtails like a school girl and put on her pearl necklace.

Anxious to get her drug dose so she would stop feeling sick, Lucy let herself quietly out the side door, quickly rushed to the car, got in and drove off unaware that George had watched in shock from the upstairs window as his wife of 20 years sneaked out wearing shocking, immoral clothing.

John, wearing a blue suit, hopped into Lucy’s BMW, and handed her a glass of coke, “Drink up my dear Lucy. This is today’s dose.”

Lucy’s shaking hands clutched the drink and she downed it in one gulp. Hoping it would act fast.

“Now drive to Clyde’s English Pub on 59th. I’m hungry.” John did his polite routine again.

Entering the pub, Lucy felt hungry, wolfish eyes following her, watching her hips sway in the short skirt, her breasts jiggling in the sheer blouse. By now the drug had started working and she felt much better. However, like last time, she also felt horny! Her tits had hardened and her face took on a rosy flush. Thank God they were in public and just having dinner. Still, she wondered what this bastard John had meant when he said she would have to pay for her drug.

John spoke to the young waitress, “My mom and I would like a quiet booth by the window. The one with the red plaid table cloth will do.”

The waitress took them to the booth all the while eyeing Lucy’s short skirt and see through blouse. It was obvious to her that Lucy wore nothing underneath. A mother going to dinner with her son and wearing a see through blouse and no bra!! The waitress obviously thought that Mrs. Lucy Harper lacked proper morals. This, to her surprise and worry, made Lucy feel hornier.

The young waitress took their orders: John ordered oysters and a 20 oz. mug of beer for Lucy and Bangers & Beans with a glass of red wine for himself.

“Really I don’t like beer, thank you. And that’s far too much anyway.” Lucy protested.

“I don’t give a shit whether you like beer or not. I ordered it; you’re going to drink every ounce. I give the orders here and you obey or no more drugs and we collect our debt from Brian’s hide.” John’s sudden vicious reply frightened Lucy who became very quiet.

When the drinks came, John spoke again, “Do you know what Bangers & Beans are?”

Lucy was unaccustomed to English style pub-fare, “I’m sorry, no I don’t.”

“Bangers are long sausages. Do you like sausages?”

Lucy became wary, “Uh, sometimes, why?”

“First drink all the beer. Right now. I mean it. Drink it right down.” John grinned, having fun with his reluctant dinner partner.

Lucy stared at him in dismay. The beer was huge! She couldn’t possibly! But her fear was a wonderful motivator. She drank. Gulp after gulp. Every time she stopped, John would get a fierce look and she would immediately start again. Finally, the mug was empty. She was sure she would get drunk.

“Now get your ass under the table and eat my sausage.” John snarled.

Lucy, shocked yet again, said, “What??”

“You heard me you uppity bitch. Don’t school teachers know how to eat sausage? Get under the table and suck my cock you asshole.” John enjoyed humbling the teacher who had him expelled. Such sweet revenge.

Lucy, turning pale, hesitantly, slid under the table hoping no one would notice. She saw John’s legs were spread wide and he had already unzipped. She hesitated another minute until a swift kick struck her left breast leaving a dark shoe mark on her blouse. She reached into his pants and was not surprised to find he had no shorts on. His hot cock was already hard and hot. She pulled it out, looked at it and realized that the drug had made her so horny her nipples were rock solid and her cunt was slippery wet. The throbbing cock had a drop of precum showing John was highly aroused too. Her tongue tentatively touched the end of the rod, absorbing the drop. Salty. She licked the shaft and slowly enclosed it with her hot mature lips sliding them up and down the shaft the way her husband always enjoyed. Drawing it in further she felt it stiffen and jerk a couple of times.

“Excuse me sir, is everything ok?” The waitress had returned.

“Yes thank you. Everything is just wonderful.” John replied in a somewhat strained voice. “Would you like to join us?”

Lucy had stopped sucking when she heard the waitress. John kicked her again to make her continue.

“Thanks for the offer but I have to work. Where’s your mother?” The young waitress asked curiously.

“Oh she’s right here under the table. She drank her beer too fast. Bit of a lush you know. Would you like to look?” John replied with an earnest look.

“Really I should get back to my work. Sorry you’re having trouble with your mom.”

Lucy was mortified at the conversation but obediently continued sucking John’s pulsating rod. She even started rubbing her own clit; it was easy to get at because of the short skirt and no panties.

As she felt his cock become ready she tried to stop but he only kicked her again. Reluctantly she continued sucking up and down worried that he might actually shoot in her mouth. She had never experienced that before and the very idea was disgusting. At the last instant, she panicked and pulled her mouth off his cock. Bad idea. His cock, unable to hold back any longer, exploded over her face and hair.

“Come out teacher so I can see what you look like after a facial.” John callously ordered.

Lucy slowly crawled out from under the table. Several patrons noted the scantily clad middle-aged woman come out from under a table to sit with the young man. Her face was messy.

John grinned and said, “That paid for today’s drug dose. After I eat dinner you will start paying off your son’s debts. Meanwhile, you can look at your food but don’t eat. Beer works better on an empty stomach. Oh, and don’t wipe your face.”

Just then the pretty young waitress noticed Lucy’s messy face, a gob of cum sliding down one of her pigtails and remarked, “I’m sorry ma’am you seem to have some kind of goop on your hair and face.”

“It must be the raw oyster juice,” John laughed raucously looking at Lucy’s beet red face covered with his cum.

The young waitress, feeling for John, and thinking how his mother must have early Alzheimer’s, said, “You poor, poor man.”