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Back In The Saddle with My Amazon Queen

2022-11-06 14:23:49

I just moved back home from being in the military for almost a decade. I got to fuck a lot of good pieces of ass while I was gone. Had a couple steady ones but, I was always bouncing around a bunch. Unfortunately with moving and getting settled back in the real world, I was running on a little bit of a drought. 6 months dry without any pussy. Jerking off helped but I needed to get back on the horse and find something soon.

Hanging out at the bar one night with all the old friends, I ended up talking to one of the girls of the group. Jen was a brunette that was set up well. Great legs that hooked into her round firm ass and a set of nice “D” tits. With a very pretty face with a beautiful smile. I’ll get into more of her in a different story. We ended up chatting for a little and I don’t know who brought it up but, her younger sister, Ashley, came up in our conversation. I asked what she was up to. So she filled me in and what not. Jen let me know that I was invited to her Halloween party she was having at the her house in a couple days and, that Ashley would be home for it. I mentioned that it would be good to see her, it’s been a while since we’ve talked to each other, so it will be nice to catch up.

The following weekend I get ready and head over to the party. Jen greets me at the door, all dressed up in her costume. Her voluptuous tits spilling out of her top. Skin tight leggings showing the shape of her camel toe and making her firm ass even more defined. She topped it off by walking around in 5” stilettos. I see Ashley as soon as I walk into the kitchen. I kinda take a second look, and I was like damn, she grew up. Last time I saw her she was this little geeky girl with braces and somewhat of a flat chest. Now she was taller and she filled out in all the right places. I make my way around the room talking to everyone and when I finally got to Ashley, she sat there with a big smile on her face and gave me a sweet “Hey”.

She stood up to give me a hug. I was able to take the full view of her in. She didn’t have a crazy revealing costume on but I still could make everything out. Her body was full and shapely, with thickness in all the right areas. She was a Amazon princess. 6 foot tall with long brunette hair and milky white skin. Her legs were long and shapely but firm with muscle. A nice round ass, poking out just ever so slightly but, you could see it was solid. Her top, revealing a firm pair of big C tits. I could see her nipples were starting to press up against the material. A beautiful face with kissable full lips, and a great smile. Guess the braces paid off. Her eyes, they were always the thing that got me. Even when I was younger, they were killers. Green and sparkling, like emeralds dancing around in the sunlight. I stared at them and her hard nipples while we caught up.We talked off and on throughout the night, I kept catching my self looking at her once in a while. My cock twinged every so often while looking at her, up and down. The night winded down and we ended up sitting on the couch together.

Her sister Jen was running around the house putting on a high heel show for some reason, but I didn’t care cause I was loving it. I’m a big high heel, stocking, and lingerie lover. There’s nothing else sexier than a girl with great legs, wearing some heels and nylons. I guess at some point I let out a “wow” loud enough Ashley heard me. She turned and asked me “You like heels don’t you? I said “Um yeah you could say that. It definitely gets me going.” I said with a smirk “I’ll have to remember that” she said raising a eyebrow. “Do you have any good pairs?” I asked. “A couple, not as many as Jen” she giggled. “But I’m slowly growing my collection.” Nudging her I said “Well you’ll have to show them off some time.” She gave me a bright smile with her cheeks getting a little blushed. “Yeah some day.”

We sat and talked a little more. I didn’t notice when she turned and put her feet up on the couch next to me. She tapped my leg with them at some point when we were talking. Then she started to dig them underneath me. I asked “What are you doing?” “My toes are cold” she complained. “Well that’s not going to get the warm.” I grabbed them and sat her feet next to me and started rubbing them. I started recently getting more aroused with women’s feet. Ashley’s feet were soft, silky, and sexy. She had high arches and polished manicured toes. I would of loved to bend over and suck on her toes if no one was there. “Mmmm,That feels good” she said softly, I can see her breathing getting a little heavy.”You have some cute feet, nice and soft.” I told her in return. She looked back at me with those beautiful green eyes and cracked a shy smile. I could see her blushing again and looking relaxed. Once done, she sat them on my lap. At that point my cock had been half hard, between watching Jen’s heel show and rubbing Ashley’s feet. I couldn’t help it anymore, I flexed my cock and could feel it pop up and press into my jeans. I noticed Ashley laid her feet right at the tip of my cock. I could feel her sole putting pressure on the tip. My precum sticking to my leg every time she moved around. I looked over at her and gave her a kinda ‘what are you doing’ look. She looked up at me and I asked “Comfy”, “Yes I am” she smirked back. “Well to bad I’m going home.” As I got up. “Noooo” she cried out with a little pouty lip. I said bye to her with a long hug and a peck on her cheek but close to her lips, got her number and said so long to everyone else.

I went home and headed to bed. I started thinking about the heel show that Jen put on and everything else from that night. As I started rubbing my cock. I shifted to thinking of Ashley’s feet. Rubbing my cock with her soft sexy feet, till she made me cum all over them. I could feel my balls building , I wanted her feet for real now. Along with her round ass. I was imagining what it would look like, with her looking up at me, with those beautiful green eyes, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. A shot of cum on her tongue. I hit my breaking point, I made two long strokes of my cock, released my grip, “Ahh uhh uhh uhh. ” I grunted, and felt four big ropes of cum land on my stomach. My hips rotating with each pump out. I laid there for a few minutes, my cock throbbing still dripping cum out till I started to shrink down. That was one of the best orgasms I had in a long while. I texted Ashley ‘good night, I enjoyed talking with you’. Jumped into the shower and went to bed.

Couple days go by before I hear from Ashley. We started talking a bunch throughout the next couple weeks, texting all the time. Getting a little more personal. We got into the subject of heels again one night, which turned into a conversation about sex. What turns each of us on, how crazy do we get. What’s a special thing we like. Next thing I know, she sent me a picture of her legs up in the air with a pair of high heels on. It made me hard as soon as I saw it. I could see on the edge of the pic that she only had panties on. She sent me a couple more pictures of her with different heels on in different positions. Her ass barely showing on the side in one the pictures. Her legs and feet looked fantastic.

As we talked she mentioned that she would be home again and she wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with her. I said,”Sure, don’t forget your heels.” She giggled and said “Oh trust me I won’t. Did you have a favorite pair of mine you would like to see.”Nah I’m not picky.” I told her.

She let me know when she got back in town and the night she was thinking of going out. I told her that I play pool on Tuesday at the bar if she wanted to come by I would buy her a drink. Ashley met me at the bar were my pool league was. She walked in, hair and makeup done. Her lips were full and covered with bright red lipstick. Her smokey eye shadow made her eyes pop even more than usual. The sweater she was wearing was oversized and hung down on her one shoulder, exposing her black lacy bra strap and milky white skin. A tight pair of jeans with holes spread out on her thighs, showing her smooth skin off. Topped off with a pair of patent leather 4” nude heels. Watching her walk towards me, her hips rotating back and forth. Her long legs rippled from the power of her leg muscles. I could feel my cock starting to throb. “You look gorgeous.” As I gave her a peck on the cheek. Her face blushed a little “Thanks” she said as she returned the kiss on my cheek. She found a chair close to wear I was shooting. Sitting there I could notice she was just projecting her legs and feet to me and everyone else. She kept them out from under the table. I glanced over every so often, seeing her foot rotate showing her high heel off. Crossing her legs back and forth every so often.

I had a little break, standing next to her, I checked more of her heels out. I could see the small cut away on the inside of her heels, her high arches sticking out of them. She had a little bit of toe cleavage showing. I was picturing myself cumming all over her feet, with my cum dripping down the side of her heels. I could feel my balls starting to tighten. I leaned into her and said “You really do look sexy tonight.” “Thank you, I guess you’re liking my heels.” She said with rosey cheeks and wet look lipstick. “You’re driving me crazy.” I said as I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. “Good, that was my plan.” She said with a devilish smile. “You should of never left that night at the party, you missed out. I wanted you to spend the night, so this is payback.” I gave her one of those ‘Oh really’ looks. “Well I guess I have to make it up to you.” “What did you have in mind stud.” She asked. “Keep it up and you’ll find out.” I said cocky like. “I can do this all night.”she said with a smirk and got up to head to the bar for another drink. She made it know she wanted me watching her on the way, looking back over her shoulder with a smile on her face. She threw her hips with power, making her round sexy ass flex back and forth. You could hear her heels pounding on the wood floor, as she walked with power in her legs. I thought to myself she isn’t a Amazon princess she was a Queen. I was rock hard. I was ready to bend her over the chair and pound her till she creamed herself all over my cock. I couldn’t wait to fuck her.

We kept kissing here and there throughout the night, slipping tongue to each other every so often. I finished my last game and sat with her for a while, taking in the view of her entire body. Every once in a while I get a whiff of her perfume, it wrapped around inside my nostrils. I couldn’t wait to bury my face into her pussy to get a smell of her sweet juices. I was getting jumpy, my cock was starting to throb. I turned to her “Are you ready to go? Let’s go relax at the house and get away from the noise.” “I thought you would never ask, I’ll follow you home.” she said excited. “You’re going to have your work cut out for you.” She said walking past, giving me a ‘i want you’ look.

We got to the house, grabbed a couple beers and headed to the couch. I sat at one end while Ashley made her way around to the other side. I flipped the TV but kept the volume low for some background noise. As we finished our beers I got up and asked her if she wanted another or something else. “Beer is fine with me, I’m not fancy all the time.” She giggled. As I walked back I asked her “How are your feet doing in the heels. I know you don’t wear them all that much.” “ Not terrible, if I was standing around more then I think I would feel it more.” As she sat there rolling her foot around. “Well you can relax them if you want.” I told her. “Yeah, you do have the magic touch for making them feel better.” She said softly. As I sit down I see her lean down and slip her heels off. Her toes were painted a bright red. She was curling her sexy feet downward as she lifted her legs up and sat them on my lap.

The weight of her legs and feet on my cock started making it hard. As my cock grew in my pants, she was moving her feet back and forth ever so slightly over the top of me. I grabbed her one foot and started massaging it with firmness. She softly moaned “Ahh mmm.” I could see her close her eyes and roll her head over to the side. I rubbed it for a little and switched to other one. As I started again she moaned out “Mmmm ah, yeah that feels good.”

I could feel her other foot starting to rub on my pants, slowly back and forth over my now rock hard cock. After a couple seconds of her rubbing my cock, I lift her foot up towards my mouth. “What are you doing, no don’t do tha... Mmmm ah fuck.” She moaned. She got louder as I started sucking on her toes harder “Mmm mmm ahh.” Her other foot starting rubbing my cock harder now. The harder I sucked on her toes the harder she pushed on my cock. I look towards her and see her eyes rolling every so often, her mouth open, breathing a little heavier the more I sucked. She catches her breath and I could feel her foot tap my cock.

I unzipped my pants and slid them down to my ankles. My cock springing up as my pants go past it. I reset myself and switch to her other foot and started sucking. Her wet toes start rubbing on the tip of cock making the pre cum leak out. I started rubbing on her foot while I was sucking on her toes. “Mmm ah ah ah mmm ah.” She started moaning, her breathing getting deeper. “Ah ah ah ah mmmm.” She squealed as she pulled her foot out of my mouth. She took her foot and put it to her other one with my hard cock in between. She started slowly sliding her silky soles up and down on my cock. I roll my head back and let out “Aahhh fuck yeah, that feels good.” She kept sliding up and down, squeezing her feet tighter every so often which made me let a moan out. I grab her feet and start making her feet go up and down faster. “Mhmm.” She let a little moan out. “Uh uh uh.” I moaned while looking over at her. When I could feel my balls moving around I pulled her feet away from my cock. “Why did you stop?” She asked. “We’re finishing this upstairs, I’m not done with you yet.” I told her. “Mmm I like the sound of that.” She said as she started walking towards the stairs.

We make our way to the bedroom, as she gets to the side of the bed, she started to shimmy her hips as she peels her jeans down. Leaving her sweater on. Her black thong was lace except for a silky patch where her pussy is. I could see some wetness coming through her pussy area. I guess she liked the toe sucking. I started to strip down. “I’m going to use your bathroom.” she said as she walked up to me, kissed me and slid her tongue into my mouth. “Sure, go ahead.” I mentioned to the door. I peel the sheets back and jump into bed in just my boxers.

She comes out of the bathroom with her sweater off. Her lacy bra top was almost see through. I could see her nipples standing erect. Her pink areolas standing out a little more than her milky white skin. She made a sexy pose in the door opening with her one foot up on her toes. Giving me full view of her long shapely legs. She looks towards me. “You ready for me?” She asked. I slide my boxers off, exposing my hard cock. “Does this answer your question?” I asked her.

She walked over turned out the lights. “ What I don’t get to see your ass in the light.” I asked her. “I want this to be a little romantic seeing how it’s our first time.” She said light heartedly as she reached the bed and slid into next to me.

We grabbed each other and started sticking our tongues into each others mouth. Our breathing getting heavy. She draped her leg over me, my knee up next to her pussy. I can feel the wetness of her pussy as she grinded on my leg. I unsnap her bra and watch her voluptuous tits spill from their bra cups. I grab one of her boobs, feeling the firmness in my hand finally. “Mmmm.” She moaned in my mouth as I squeeze and lift on it , bringing it closer to my mouth. We released each others lips. I drop my mouth to her tit and suck in on her hard nipple, pulling as much of her breast into my mouth that I can fit. Mouthing down on her breast, I run my tongue around her swollen nipple, nibbling on it ever so slightly. Like I was a baby trying to nurse, I suck harder. “Ah ah ah mmmm ah ah yeah, ooh yess, ahh yeah.” She yelled out. I look up at her while she has her shoulder rolled back looking down at me sucking on her perfect breast. I release my grip while still looking at her and switch to the other one, matching what I did with the other side, sucking and pulling on her nipple. She reached up with her hand and placed it on her free breast, gripping it and giving it a firm squeeze while still looking down at me “yeah mmmm I love you sucking on my tits.” she said as she continued to grab her breast. I could feel her pussy getting wetter, as it grinded on my leg. “Yeah wait till I eat your pussy..” I told her, as I slid her panties down and moved my way south. Kissing her body along my way. I could smell her perfume along her body, till I got to the top of her thighs. Then the smell of her sweet juices started to mix in with it.

As I got to her pussy, I grabbed her thighs and spread them open revealing her beautiful glistening pussy. Her pubic bone jutted upwards out of her crotch revealing a mound, She had a little landing strip on it that was damp from her grinding her wetness into her panties. Her tiny clit buried inside her small lips that were swallowed up from her swollen labia. The perfect kind of pussy. The closer I got to her wet hole I could smell her sweet scent escaping from her, it was pure ecstasy.

I pushed her thighs backwards, getting ready to explore her with my mouth, I see her little asshole roll up towards. My god that is the cutest little anal hole I’ve ever seen I said to myself. I can’t wait to tongue punch it open. (That will be in another story)

I started kissing right on the inside of her thighs making my way around her swollen pussy. I stopped on her landing strip to smell her sweet juices then I put some of it my mouth. It tasted good, I wanted it in full strength. So I dropped down and put my whole mouth over her pussy. “Mmmm.” She moaned while pushing my into head into her. I started sucking on her tiny pussy lips, rolling them in and out of my mouth. I stick my tongue between her folds and flick it up and down. Hitting her taint and clit. I could feel her hips starting to rotate, her breathing getting heavier. I went to her clit and sucked it into my mouth. “Ah ah ah mmmm ahh oh shit.” She bellowed. As I sucked on her swollen clit. I let go of one of her legs and I took my middle finger and started rubbing it on her taint, pushing in on it ever so slightly.”Fuck yes ah ah ah mmmm.” As she squeezed my head with her thighs. I picked my head up to catch my breath a little while running my fingers up and down her soaking wet pussy. I could see her head back eyes closed and panting trying to catch her breath. I slowly dipped my finger in her pussy, feeling her insides, she was some what tight and not very deep, as I hit her cervix. “Ahhhh mmm mmm.” She moaned out wildly. I put my mouth back on her clit and start sucking. Rotating my finger around, I curl up to find her G spot and slide back and forth on it. Her hips start to move up and down. I can feel her pussy filling up with more of her sweet juices, she was getting close. I push up on her G spot again and start flickering my finger fast. “HOLY FUCK AHH AHH AHH MMM MMM AHH I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING. MMMMM FUCK AHHHHHHHHH.” She screamed out trying to squeeze my head again. I pull away but keep my finger inside still rubbing on her spot. I can feel her pussy squeeze my finger trying to push me out. Her juices leaking out all over my hand. She loosened her thighs and I slide my finger out. She still was gasping for air when I came up to give her a kiss.

She reached for my hand that was inside her, grabbed it and started sucking on my finger. Lapping up all over them cleaning her cum off them. When she was done I licked the last little bit off then shoved my tongue in her mouth to taste her. “You’re bad. That was so sexy watching you do that.” I told her. “Mmm I wanted to taste myself, do you like how I taste.” As she caught up with her breathing. “You taste amazing.” I told her as I went back down to lap up her pussy some more. She grabbed her thighs and pulled them back towards her shoulders. I don’t know what came over me but I lunged two fingers into her. One went right into her dripping pussy the other buried deep in her ass. “AHHHHHH.” She screamed out. “Sorry did I hurt you.” I asked. “No that sent jolt right through me. Damn that felt good.” As she laid there rubbing on her breast touching her clit lightly.

”Mmm yeah fuck that pussy.” she moaned out. I knelt in front of her. She reached out for my cock giving it a couple of strokes for good measure, I was already hard as I could be. She pulled me up to her waiting pussy, taking my cock and running it up and down on her wetness stopping to slap her clit with my tip.

She held it in the center of her. I pushed my hips forward, I felt the tip of my cock push open her folds. I take a few shallow thrusts to open her up and then one long deep thrust I drive my cock all the way in till our pelvic bones touch. “Mmmm ahhhhh.” We both moaned as we fully connected. I pump my cock into her with long deep thrusts. Going slow at first.”Mmmm your cock feels good inside of me.” She said softly as I start to pick up speed. As I lie on top of her, she wraps her long legs around me and locks her feet together on my back. Keeping me deep in her. I can only make short thrusts. I can feel her pussy gripping my cock. I try to get her to unlock her legs to go back to long thrusting her, but we end up on our sides.

She slides off my cock and pushes me flat on my back, climbing on top of me, she tongue fucked my mouth. She makes her way down to my hard cock. She strokes me a little bit while looking up at me. She puts it up next to her cheek and starts rubbing her face with it, then starts kissing the side of my shaft. Moving to the tip, she flicks her tongue at the bottom side of it. Then runs her tongue up to my cock hole, lapping at the precum. She opens her mouth puts the tip in her mouth and rolls her tongue all around it a couple times. “Mmmm damn your good.” I tell her as I roll my head back. Then she takes my whole shaft into her mouth in one swallow. I feel the back of her throat. She gagged a little but kept on sucking up and down my entire shaft. Taking her hand and putting it in front of her mouth she starts stroking and turning as she is bobbing up and down on my cock. “Holy fuck ah ah uh uh uh.” I look down at her, she’s looking back up at my I can see her smiling at me with her eyes. She looks so fucking hot with my cock in her mouth. She stops sucking and keeps on stroking my soaked cock faster. “Fuck your going to make me cum.” I call out. She starts stroking harder. My hips started moving. She put me back in her mouth. My balls tightened, I can feel my tip getting like a rock. I pushed her head down as far it would go. “Ahhhh fuucckk UH UH UH UH.” I yelled out as my balls erupted. I could feel rope after rope of hot cum land in her mouth. She held just the tip in her mouth, stroking my shaft trying to pull out as much cum as possible. I look down, she pulls her head up and shows me the cum on her tongue then she swallowed it all in one gulp.”Mmmm you feel good in my mouth too. I like the way you taste.” As she moved up and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Let’s take a break and get some water.” She suggested as she grabbed my T-shirt and slipped it over her head. Her ass sticking out of the bottom of it. As I followed her down the stairs.

20 minutes later we head back to the bedroom. Following her up the stairs, I can see her swollen pussy between her firm thighs. My cock starting to throb again. She takes my shirt off showing her erect nipples and slides into the bed. I drop my boxers showing my semi hard cock. We start making out as she reaches for my shaft to stroke me hard which doesn’t take long. She pushes me to my back. She climbs on top of me, rubbing the tip of my cock on her pussy. I can hear wetness slopping around. She lifts her ass up and slides my cock into her. Coming down on my shaft slowly her pussy opening as she takes all of it inside her. She starts grinding back and forth on my pelvis, I feel my cock touching her back wall, her clit rubbing on my trimmed pubic hair. “Mmmm you like being deep in me.” As she started to move up and down on my shaft. “I think you like it too.” I told her, as she leaned into me to stick her tongue in my mouth.

She stops pumping on me, shifts herself up to her feet and starts squat fucking me, going slow at first “Oh my god uh uh uh mmm mmm.” I moan as she picks up speed. Her ass cheeks smacking off my legs. My balls start to quiver. She works herself upwards, I push up on her thighs to stop her. “You okay.” She asked giggling. “Yeah, wow, you definitely hit a sensitive spot. Trying not to cum yet.” As I try to catch my breath. I gather myself and insert my cock back into her again as she starts squatting on me again. I can feel her pussy gripping tightly on me from top to the bottom. My balls tapping on her asshole as she bottoms out on me. Again I have to stop her 2 more times to gather myself. Her steady moans of “Uh uh uh yeah, fuck yes ah ah ah.” As I push her off again and make her roll to her back.

I grab her by the ankles and spread her legs apart and push them back to shoulders. She guides me into her wet pussy as I pump with long deep strokes mixed in with some fast short thrusts. I find a steady pace and bring her feet to my face. Taking her toes into my mouth, sucking hard on them she moans loudly. “ Ah ah ah ah mmmm fuck that feels good.” As I switch back and forth between both feet. Sucking on each toe or a couple at a time. My thrusting pace picks up, I put her toes in my mouth and bite down with some pressure.” Ahhhhh fuck mmmm.” She cries out.

Releasing her toes I try to spread her legs apart but she put her feet on my chest and locked herself in. “Yeah mmmm fuck yeah mmmm that’s hitting me in just the right spot, don’t stop, don’t stop.” I keep my thrusting pace going. I can feel her pussy starting to bear down on my shaft. I feel my balls tightening. I’m not going to last much longer. Her pussy grips harder. “Uh uh uh uh fuck I’m going to cum mmm mmm ah ah ah.” She moaned loudly. Her face getting flushed her breathing heavy. “MMMMM YESSSS FUUCCKK AH AH.” I feel her pussy juices flow and grip my shaft. That was all I could handle.” I’m Cumming Ah FUCK UH UH UH UH yeah mmm.” I pull out and shoot a rope of cum, it glances off her chin and lands on the side of her face, some into hair. The other three shots land on her stomach. I kneel in front of her, dripping my remaining cum on her landing strip. She rubs it into her pubic hair. “Mmmm yeah that was good.” Her breathing slowing down. Taking her panties I wipe my cock off with them. Then I find my shirt wipe off her chin and stomach and lay on top of her. She locks her legs around me again. My semi erect cock still rubbing up against her soaked pussy. “Wanna keep going.” I asked her. “If you can.” She told me. Soaking her fingers with salvia she reaches in between us and soaks my semi hard cock, then guides it into her.

I stay inside of her for a little before I start to pump. My cock getting sore, it’s been awhile since I had this much sex. I slow pump in and out of her. “Mmm I like it this way too, uh uh uh. She lets me know as she starts kissing me. I pull out feeling a orgasm but my balls are spent. I still get a hard on a couple more times and we fuck till her legs give out.

We lay together intertwined. The smell of our sex hanging in the air. “Mmmm that was good. Thanks for a great night.” She quietly said to me. “Yeah it’s been awhile since I’ve had some good sex like that.” As I shift in the bed. “Hope we can do it again the next time you come back home.” She gave me a long deep kiss,”Oh we will, and I might bring you a little surprise too.” As she draped her naked body on me, my sore cock pressed up against her thigh. We fall asleep for a couple hours. I awake to her rubbing my cock. “ Mmmm how about one more time stud.” As she slid her way down and put my cock into her mouth.