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White Slavery or is it Really Part 8

2022-06-20 01:10:03

White Slavery or is it Really

Part 8

Addie upon returning to her dorm was surprised to see that Lane was still up, she was setting on the bed stark ass naked! and was casually playing with herself. She then asked her how things had gone with the mistress?, knowing full well, what had happened! This was followed by her asking, Addie would you , please come over here I have something I want to show you....., and would you take a close look, “at her very wet pussy” saying that this, would be another part of her initiation! Addie was on her knees now, and innocently staring closely at Lanes pussy wondering what it was she was suppose to be looking for? When Lane grabbed her head, and forced her lips onto a very wet clit!. Addie did not resist, and now, new exactly what Lane wanted, easily starting to give her pleasure, Lane almost immediately orgasmed, and with no regard what so ever for Addie as she held her helplessly tight and let her suck!.After which Lane was barely able to ask if Addie was ready for the second part of her initiation into the special girls club, Addie had not expected this? Lane said, take off all your clothes and put on those red hi heels you like so much. Addie was tired and had hesitated thinking it was late, and had started to object, when Lane said okay,... I thought you wanted to be in the club, and you told me you would do anything?.

Addie with a long sigh, slowly started taking off her clothes, and having a chance to wear these new heels and exotic underwear was quite appealing as they made her feel so grown up and sexy compared to her black plain school shoes. In only minutes she was standing there nude in only her belt stocking and heels, Lane then put a paper bag over her head! Several of the other girls walked in as Lane told Addie to put her hands up, and hold them above her head until they were done with her!. The other girls had brought body paint that Lane had asked them to bring. She had taken a black magic marker, and had first carefully outlined, around Addie's breasts and then around her pubic area, and bottom which was to look like a halter top and short shorts, the girls had mixed up, and were now starting to paint the areas in between the outlines with a pink grease type body paint. This was suppose to make her look like she was wearing something?. However the results although pink, did contrast with Addie's very white skin and had almost the opposite effect in that it dramatically accented her breasts, nipples and very round bottom as well as her slit clit and pubic area! But in a much more grotesque, and vulgar way.

Lane had told Addie to lower her hands hands, and had tied them tightly behind her back followed by helping her out out of their room, down the hall and to the back stairs, the girls had a car ready that was parked in back of the dorm. They helped her into the back and as the car drove off Lane was telling Addie that this was one of several requirements that she would have to perform in order to get into the secret girls club.

Adanna was starting to get into this, nude tied an with a blindfold thing, and was something she really liked. The moistness of the earlier experience with the head mistress, and then Lane was starting to return with anticipation, and uncertainty as only a young horny girl like her could have, Addie was now quite excited with the prospects. Lane was telling her that she was going to have to walk through the entire length of Connetquot State park with her hands tied behind her back at 1.00 AM in the morning, dressed in only heels stockings garter belt and pink body paint!. Addie thought naively, this requirement seemed simple, as who would be out at this late hour? But the thought of someone actually seeing her naked was also quite deliciously appealing? Addie had never been here or any other place on Long Island, and had only seen the countryside from a car window in route from the city to their new home near Rivehead.

The car had finally pulled to a stop in one of the parking areas of the park, Addie was helped out, and was lead over to one of the paths. Before the sack covering her head and eyes was removed Lane had deviously pulled her first this way, and that, followed by turning her around, and around several times so as to totally confuse her.

Lane then removed the paper sack saying to Addie to stay on the main path, and to not go down any of the others! Because if she did there was the possibility of running into drug dealers as well as other unsavory people and things that usually occurred at this late hour. Especially on many of these out of the way paths that branched off from the main one, and that if she stumbled into a drug deal with her hands tied behind her back, well all sorts of dreadful things might easily happen to her!....
Lane patted Addie on her pink bottom and pushed her off down the path saying they would pick her up in the parking lot at the other end of the park!.

It was a warm summer evening and the moon had not yet broken through the scattered clouds, Adanna was uncertain as to what was, and what was not, the main path as the moon finally broke through the last remaining clouds leaving the area quite bright, at first it was quiet. The park at one time had been a very pleasant place as did many parks in these small communities, but over the last dozen years, had become a place where all sorts of illicit things had occured, especially in the middle of the night!.

So far it had been quiet and she had passed no one. As Addie walked along the path only the clicking of her new hi heels could be heard on the pavement, thinking to herself that this was going to be easy, she had come to a point where the path separated in two different directions, and was uncertain, as to which one to take? Then taking the one she thought was right?. She heard something rustle in the bushes some distance away and then saw something move in them!.... At first scared her not knowing what it was, when she finally saw it was only a dog, had started to relax, but as the dog got closer she again, became frightened! Not only was the dog coming directly towards her! He was a very large male black Lab with a shiny coat that reflected in the moon light, and she could see as he came closer the dog had a very large penis, and that this very aroused animal cock was wagging back and forth as the dog walked up to her!..

Apparently this dog had been drawn by the smell of her very wet bare pussy, the dog after sniffing her crotch immediately started licking her slit concentrating on her very wet erect clitoris, Addie had never experienced anything like this, she had never really thought about animals? But his rough, raspy, and very wet warm tongue had produced in her, an unstoppable “ trembling orgasm”!!..OMG! .This, barely left her able to stand. She had tried to shoo the dog away but with her hands bound behind her back, along with the fact she had just climaxed had only increased the dogs ardent interest in her genitals, the results of which had made him lick at this most succulent unprotected spot, even more aggressively.!

Addie was still trembling, and trying to back away from the dog, and not to make any noise when she heard the dogs owner, call out, "Brutus", get over here, and leave the lady alone! But Brutus was having none of this, and continued to lap at her cunt with even more determination than ever. As the owner of the dog came closer, Adanna was uncertain as to what she should do?.

The owner was a big scary looking black man! Well over 6' tall he had grabbed Brutus's collar and was trying to pull him away, when her started to notice in the bright moon light that Addie was really naked, and Brutus had licked all of the pink body paint from around her cunt clit, and pubic area! This at first made it look like someone had ripped the crotch right out of her pink short shorts!.

He looked at her closer, and then noticed her hands were tied behind her back, he had a look of wonder and lust that crossed his face all at the same time? Followed by a big grin, that showed a toothless smile, he cautiously looked around asking if she was alone, and was she alright and who had done this to her?. Addie for once in her life, quickly said that she was just fine, and was only trying to satisfy a risky school girl dare and prank! By walking through the park nude, painted with her hands tied behind her back at 1.00 AM in the morning. He again looked around cautiously still not quite believing her?

Brutus was now having a fit and was still trying to lap and lick her now even more dripping and juicy cunt, the owner of the dog gave one of Addie's nipples a painful pinch making sure that it was indeed pink paint she yelped in pain as he pushed her off the path into the grass and down onto her knees, at the same time he unzipped his pants. Addie was on her knees when he produced a big black cock... So you like “Dare's”, do you!, he said with another toothless grin, I dare you to suck on this!. Addie had never sucked a cock or anything like this, as she timidly stuck her tongue out, and touched the very tip!. He was holding onto the dogs collar with one hand, and with the other grabbed her blond hair, forcing her mouth over, and onto his big hard cock, after having the head mistress do almost the same thing several hours earlier, this seemed almost natural!.
She almost gagged at first, but as she got the hang of doing so, and with her new found on the job training, was not only getting better, she was even starting to enjoy the abused helplessness face fucking and the situation she was experiencing. It only took several minutes before a most forcefully stored up jezzim of a cum load shot off, and again this too almost gagged her! While holding her head tight, he said, Blondie you suck it all down now, ya hear!.

With him now spent, and gobs of thick cum dripping off her lips, he said honey child if I didn't have Ole Brutus with me, you would be having yo blond headed brains fucked out of yo pretty Lil head right now! But, Brutus, here he's my best buddy, so am going to lets him poke's you! first! Then going on to say, Ole Brutus here he ain't never had no white pussy before. Eluding to the fact that Brutus had in the past apparetly fucked some black women! So with Addie now on her knees, the dog had sensed her helpless vulnerability and gone from aggressively trying to lick Addie's snatch to aggressively trying to mount her!. The dog was trying, unsuccessfully to poke the big red knotty end of his doggy dick into her pink little pussy! This old black guy was on his knees holding her face and shoulders down forcefully against the grass leaving her bare bottom in the air at just the perfect height for the dog!. Just when Addie had resigned herself to the fact that her first sexual fucking experience was going to be with a dog! And with his front legs now wrapped around her middle and him lustfully nipping at her neck she felt the head of his big dogie dick getting closer and closer to her youthful helpless opening! The silence of this and her fate was quickly shattered by the sound of Police cars that had turned onto the park road with sirens blaring, and lights flashing!. They drove down the road right next to the park. This had scared the old man, who had jumped up letting Addie go, and had quickly started dragging the dog off down the path and into the woods! The animal was still yapping, and pulling hard on his leash, was not happy and certainly did not want to leave this opportunity!.

Adanna could not believe her luck and was slowly able to get up! The cop cars had driven right by the park and kept going, not slowing down at all, apparently in pursuit of something else? She was thinking the old black guy had not been to smart, as he could easily have tied the dog to a nearby tree, and then done what ever he wanted to her and let the dog do the same!...Her heart was still pounding and as it slowed down she started fantasizing again as she as she once again was able to continued along the path. What would it have been like, to have been a young white slave girl that had black male master, and that he not only was going to sexually abuse her, she was also going to mated to a big dog?. She had not known, just how close she had come, to this fantasy coming true, and that her first time would have been with either a dog or an old black man?. The thought of this, along with the tongue licking the dog had given her, had only added to the wetness that was again starting to seep from her bare well licked pussy, and was slowly starting to make its way along with the pink grease paint down the inside of her bare thighs. She had not gone far when she heard voices arguing, she could barely hear the words, drugs, and money and was now sure she had taken the wrong path.

Addie had turned around and was almost to the other path when two young black boys on bikes, pedaled by at first giving her a casual look . She was now on the correct path, and had gone some distance when she heard the two boys again on the bikes return! They were now racing to catch her, she had tried to run as best she could with her hands behind her back and in heels! She was almost to the parking lot when the first boy caught up to her quickly followed by the second, they had both jumped off their bikes, throwing them down! She felt one of them grab her as the other one tried to pull off her pink top only to discover that it was only grease paint covering her breasts! He was amazed by this and hesitated? His hands then went directly for her crotch, then the young man who was holding her forced her down on her knees, and the other still in wonder with his fingers covered with pink grease paint unzipped his pants and forced a young black and very hard cock into Addie's mouth! He may have been young and inexperienced, but had easily started face fucking her with youthful abandon! In hardly less than a minute he could not help, but to squirt off! For Adanna being naked and helplessly on her knees, and having to suck another black cock although a young one left her heart pounding again and seemed to make her only want this more! Her wishes were granted when the boys switched! It was only several more minutes when Lane, and the other girls raced their car into the parking lot, flashing their lights off, and on while honking the horn!. The two boys at first did not know what to do! Not at all sure who it was, as they two had heard the sirens, released his grip, and was pushing her lovely lips away just as his cock ejaculated! The boys then ran off into the bushes! Lane and the other girls had helped Addie up and quickly pulled her into the car. As they drove off the two young bikers had come out of the bushes and were grumbling to themselves at their lost opportunity.

The next day Addie had been late for class. She had gotten back to the dorms very late, and Lane had done nothing to help her! Addie had such a hard time washing not only the marking pen, and pink body paint off. She also had a harder time getting the residual dried gooey cum that had dripped all over her from not only the head mistress, but also from the old black guy, his dog and these two young black boys!. As Addie walked in her hair was still wet, she was greeted by the head mistress, who said quite loudly not only to her but to everyone else in class, not only are you late, but you are dressed inappropriately, as in her haste she had put on the wrong colored sweater. The mistress said with a sadistic grin, all those demerits you worked off last night, are all back plus, I just added a few more!...

With this class on black African history well under way, the head mistress was ranting about the fact that all the young white girls attending this class, could not possibly know or understand anything about what these young black female slaves had endured. Calling them soft white rich bitches that had every thing given to them, and that they, would never have been able to withstand the torture and abuse that these poor black girls had unwillingly been subjected to!.
The head mistress with a very cold expression of disgust would look directly at Adanna every time she would say, "poor black girls"," had to endure", "the brutality of it all", and in such a way that seemed to be blaming all that had happened only on Adanna, who, in her naivety was almost in tears and taking everyone of these comments personally. If this was not bad enough the mistress had gotten slides made detailing the abuse that had been inflicted on these young women! As the slides were shown, Adanna had wondered how the mistress had gotten these pictures as many of them were the same as those she had seen in the attic? Apparently there were more of these hideous pictures around than just the ones in the trunk!. Not only this, they had been enlarged showing in detail, the many cases, of abuse and torture that had been painfully applied to their nipples cunts, and clits along with the brutal beatings! The use of some very large black cocks that had been forced on them by big black male slaves along with animals mostly donkey's were also used in order to really stretch their tight young pussy's.

Every time the mistress would click the slide projector and show these details, she would look right at Adanna when she talked about guilt, and abuse!. This had only added to her already tremendous guilt, and the wonder? How would she ever be able to pay back for the sins, of those who had done these horrible things to these young black women! Especially adding to this were the thoughts and feelings of what her grand parents, and great grand parents had done!.

She certainly had guilt, but with it came very erotic feelings along with her almost constantly imagining that she was one of these girls, and that she, was the one who was now being abused, and that instead of them, it was her, who's nipples, and clit along with a very large “black'”cock or some gigantic animal was being used to forcefully rape her! These thoughts had brought a number of mini orgasms just thinking about them, not only in the past, but now in class, she was so aroused by these thoughts that her eyes had briefly glazed over.

These perverse delicious thoughts were abruptly interrupted as she was suddenly brought back to reality!..The head mistress was in her face again yelling that she should pay better attention, and that she had added more demerits!. Adanna was setting there embarrassingly crimson as the class was dismissed, she was afraid to get up as her panties were now soaked from these previous lewd thoughts and mini orgasms, if she got up now, everyone would know and be able to see the large wet spot she would have left behind on the light colored fabric of her desk chair!.

After setting there until everyone had left trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, Addie was carefully getting up when the head mistress smiled at the sight of the wet seat! She then told her there was one other thing?. All of the young women at the college including her were required to attend the once a month Dinner Dance and Elegant Ball held in the nearby all male Military Academy. When she had registered for college with Sam, this small bit of information had went right over Adanna's head unnoticed, but was now fast approaching this coming weekend. The mistress asked, did she have a date?.

The Military Academy was actually an all black high school that equaled, Freshmen Sophomore, Junior and Senior levels of education and all the young black men were cadets. The Commandant of the Academy had served in Viet Nam as well as the first gulf war with distinction, and because he was a graduate of West Point and had majored in academia was more than qualified to not only administer, but also to teach. What was of most interest to any woman that had met him and to many of the young women at the college, was the fact he was also a very handsome eligible bachelor! He had been sought after by numerous women, as somewhat of a prize, and in particular a number of well to do white women that belonged to the local Country Club! They had invited him to personally attend many of the clubs elaborate social functions. Many had doted over him and some had even propositioned him, rumor had it, that he did enjoyed more than just their company!.

When Addie returned to her dorm room , and had asked Lane about the dance, and how was she ever going to get a date as she did not know any of the cadets?. Lane in one of her more friendlier moods said not to worry that she knew and had dated many of the cadets and would see to it that she had a date.. After which she went on to explained that the Commandant, and the head mistress wanted to ensure that both the young black cadets, and these young white women needed to be fully integrated. So that the true spirit of blacks, and whites intermingling in this way would be realized, and that these meetings of two ethnic cultures would be accomplished for education as well as social and societal purposes. But Lane in a candid moment, had smiled devilishly telling Addie that this was all a bunch of Bull Shit! That most of the young women attending the College were there for only one reason, and that was their interest in the young black men that attended the nearby Military Academy.

Further, she went on to say, that most of these young white women had a yen for black, and that this was a way to ensure it would happen in a more respectable and responsible way, as opposed to other, more hidden back room adventures that occurred with many black men, and white women even in today's society. She then asked Addie, didn't you see all the pictures of the girls with the young black men in the head mistress private quarters?

Addie now embarrassed and with a “very red face” slowly said yes, also saying, but those were not the only pictures I saw!.. Lane told her not to worry, just about every girl at the college had, at one time or another been in the head mistress's private quarters naked, and that it was just another thing they willingly put up with that allowed them the opportunity to spend time with these eligible young black men!. Lane also went on to say that ,..she had the hots for the Commandant, and that she, along with several of the older women that sponsored many of these girls to attend the college had also been trying to catch his attention. Lane at 22 was one of the oldest students and was still there using the excuse of an advanced degree in order to have access to the Commandant!. Addie had been some what shocked by Lanes explanation, but even as naive she was, the picture of white women being sexually submissive to black men was starting to become more that just an appealing coincidence!

Adanna had now opened up to Lane telling her about this unrelenting guilt she had, and did not know how she was ever going to get rid herself of it? Further going on to blurt out that her grandparents, and to a greater extent her great grandparents had been involved in some illicit female black slave trading. Lane was now the one to be shocked!. But then thought after hearing Addie's explanation, that she might be able to use this information and Addie guilt, to her advantage and possibly help put her in a more favorable position, with the handsome black Commandant.

Lane told Addie that she had set up another of several things, that would be required for her initiation into the secret girls club, and that she should get ready for one of them later this evening!.. Lane had deviously thought that she could use Addie and this new found information and guilt to help perk the Commandants Interest in her! She had heard rumors that the Commandant had a thing for white women in general and young white girls in particular.

Lane had told Addie to go take a shower, and to be ready the minute it got dark. Addie was drying off, when Lane said put on your new stockings, garter belt, and red high heel shoes. These were some of the things she had bought in the city and had so far not been able to wear, and that this would be all she would need!.

Addie was surprised that she would be able to wear some of the exotic things she had bought at the risqué store in the city, and was quite pleased to show off these sexy under garments. She was starting to feel more like an attractive young woman, as she put on some bright red lip gloss, rather than an awkward young school girl.

With Addie now dressed in this skimpy attire it really made her look, and feel erotically hot, and sexy. Lane then put on a tight fitting blindfold that covered her eyes. She then said to Addie as she tied her hands behind her back, and led her out of dorm room, down the hall, and to the back stairs. Addie, Lane said, tonight I have a special surprise for you. I am going to present you to the Commandant of the all male military Academy as a gift, and that the Commandant, who is related to several of the young slave girls that were brutalized by your grandparents! Will be able to do what ever he wants to you, or the same things that had been done to these poor, black women so many years ago. I know this is what you want, and it will help satisfy your deep, and burning guilt that has been troubling you. Lane thinking to herself, had no idea if any of what she had just said, was true!.

Addie now at 17 years old and as a fully developed young woman wearing only red high heels a garter belt, and stockings was indeed a very appealing sight, beautiful blond hair all done up, nude, and totally helpless, The perfect bait to attract any lecherous male, or female for that matter. Lane went on to say, Adanna this will be your first time with a man, and that not only would it be with an older, and very hansom black man she would be righting some of the many terrible wrongs that had been incurred by her grandparents.

Addie was almost ecstatically giddy at the prospects of her first actual intercourse, and with a hansom black man as she thought about what was about to happen. It was about 10.00 pm in the evening when the car went through the main gate of the Military Academy, Lane had easily cleared it with the the young black gate guards who were standing post at the main gate of the Academy. This academy was treated much like a military base, she only needed to promise them that they would get a good look at Addie's beautiful young naked body, and with that, the guards would easily let them pass.

Lane had decided to do the guards one better, as the car came to a stop, she motioned one of the guards over, and at the same time opened the rear door and pulled him into the back seat where Addie was setting, she was wondering?what was going on?. This was followed by telling him he was more than welcome to, grab fondle or feel her up as much as he lked!.

Addie who was already very wet, and trembling with anticipation, especially after hearing the conversation about being fondled while nude, and blind folded! She almost had an orgasm just thinking about what they were going to do!. The other young guard, had now walked over and was peering in the open back door. Lane had told Addie that most of the young black men at the Academy had in some way been, related to many of the black slave girls,that had been abused during slavery, and to let them do, whatever they wanted! She was helpless and unable to resist and this comment was only a moot point as nothing would prevent them from sexually degrading or abusing her in anyway, but Lane stated again that her submissiveness would help rid her of this “terrible guilt”!.

The first guard was really enjoying himself by twisting Addie's nipples and trying to reach down between her legs with his young black fingers, that had never explored a naked women much less a naked young white girl! He was having some difficulty, when he decided to get out of the car, and asked Lane if it would be okay to take her into the guard shack for a moment so they could really have some fun with her?. Lane said sure, but don't be to long? As I have other plans for her.

With this encouragement and the other girls watching Addie was quickly pulled from the rear seat and helplessly escorted into the small guard shack, her bare bottom and tits were jiggling so inviting each time she took a step! Once inside they both, with youthful abandon nibbled sucked and squeezed on her breasts! One of young boys was able to get his fingers into her wet little twat, Addie was beside herself with young oversexed lust, then she was pushed down on her knees, and they both unzipped their pants quickly revealing two really hard and maturing 14 yr old black pricks.

Addie was more than ready, and now knew exactly what to do. With her bare pink little slit very moist, and slightly dripping, first one, followed by the other experienced this beautiful young blond girl, tongue who at first not so timidly reached out, and touched the head of their hard little black pricks. As her mouth slowly closed over this hard prick, she could feel it twitch and the hardness from his balls instantly explode into her mouth. The second young boy had done so even quicker as her tongue touched his prick he prematurely dropped his load and squirted her right in the face!. Addie who was consumed with both guilt, and lust greedily sucked both of these adolescent little pricks trying to get as much as she could, as she wiped his cum from her eyes!...

These two young Cadets then helped her back into the car and had given her a clean towel they kept for polishing their uniform shoes and with their carnal knowledge and wetness still glistening on her beautiful red lips, lane continued to clean her up as the car drove off towards the Commandants quarters . Lane noticed a rather satisfied and smug sigh from Addie, as they pulled up in front his residence. The other girls watched Lane as she guided Addie down the walk with her beautiful young naked body helpless with anticipation, and then up to his front door.

Lane had just pushed the door button, and was astonished that the door immediately opened, and there stood this "Hansom Black Gentleman" she so lusted after. Lane at first was quite surprised not knowing quite what to say, and was stammering for words, the Commandant also had a look of wonder, but his was a knowing one ?

He was just standing there with a somewhat puzzled expression, that slowly turned into a wrye smile, waiting for an explanation? With two attractive young women on his doorstep, one that looked like an erotically under dressed precocious young school girl, that was nude, and wearing a blindfold. The other, he knew all about, although fully dressed was every bit as shapely, and attractive?.
Lane was desperately trying to come up with something to say. She had originally planned to just leave Addie there with a note taped to one of her nipples that said only this,.. “meaning Addie” is a gift from Lane who has admired you for some time, and I would like to give you something you like to cherish so you would fondly remember my love for you and I would do anything to be with you!.....Signed Lane!. She had planned on just ringing the bell and leaving!

This man without saying a word at first took the note, and read the words out loud very slowly, so that Addie could hear. Saying to Lane, I am very flattered, that you would think so much of me that you would give me something so beautiful and wonderful as this!...I love the gift but cannot except it! Lane was crushed as her plans and his rejection was not at all what she had expected! Almost in tears she had turned around so dejected and was starting to leave when he said the gift I really want!,... is you!,... and what I want I usually get!. Lane was speechless, not knowing at all what to say as he went onto say, leave her, meaning Addie. I have just the thing we can do with her, and this would easily solve one problem, and that you!,.... Looking directly into Lane's eyes could solve the other!....,Further stating, that she should be back on his door step in half an hour, dressed exactly the same as this beautiful young girl, and that then, we can proceed with getting intimately, and much better acquainted!!!.....

Lane was so excited, barely able to speak as he again looked directly into her eyes turning her around,and pushing her down the steps saying, I expect you back promptly. She was now starting to realize what had just happened as the true meaning of his words finally sank in OMG!. He wanted her,!... nude bound and helpless, and now!...

Lane could not get back to the dorms and get undressed fast enough as the two young gate guards waved her, and the other girls through without even slowing down. The guards had called earlier, and advised the Commandant of Lanes intention's, and at that time the Commandant had called the barracks, telling two of the senior cadets to get over to his quarters on the double, and when they arrived, he suggested they take Adanna back to there barracks and enjoy themselves, but that they should treat her like a lady, and be gentleman! After which, when they were done to see that she was escorted safely back to her dorm. He then thought to himself, that she would certainly get the full treatment of these young horny men, but was unsure it would be lady like, or that they would be gentleman!...

Continued in Part 9