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The Mysterious Tentacle Forest Alien: Part 2

2022-08-11 00:00:03

Hello everyone, this is my final conclusion to the last chapter. Please read chapter 1 before reading chapter 2.

There I was, tangled up by multiple tentacles and covered in alien lube. After hours of being fucked and jizzed on, the alien monster released me from it's tentacle bondage and let me roam free outside of the cave.
As I walked out of the cave naked and covered in slime, I noticed that it was daytime the next day. I had been trapped inside the cave for so long that I was unaware of what day and time it was. I noticed that there was only a river a few metres away, so I decided to go wash myself and remove all the lubricant and sperm off my body.
I planned to do to this then return to my vehicle and grab my phone where I could begin walking towards the closest town and receive reception to contact the rescue squad. Even though I was completely naked, I did not fuss on retrieving clothes as I was just wanting to leave the forest and get away from the mysterious monster alien. I began to wash myself in the river and observe the forest area. As I was doing so, I began to use both hands and wash water all over my body, I felt my penis and noticed that it was still the same size as it was when the Alien was fucking me. It felt heavier and thicker, as well as balls which were increasing in size and I could feel the amount of cum in my sack increasing dramatically.
I saw a clear opening towards the dirt road where my car was located. So I began to finish off washing myself and head towards the dirt road. As I reached the dirt road, my car was not in sight and I could see the dirt marks of the tyre wheels from where it had been parked. From thought someone had come along and towed it as I could not think of any other reason for the car to disappear. I began to head down the dirt road towards the closest town even though it wasn't for miles, I didn't have another choice. As I reached about 5 miles of walking, my penis began to throb and become hard which caused an issue with walking as it was impossible to walk properly with the enormous penis I had. I took a seat on a long log in the forest and began to rest for a while as I felt exhausted. I was awoken in the late afternoon by the same noise I heard on the first night and it startled me as I was unaware of what to do. I hopped up quickly and began to run through the forest bushes as I was hoping to get away from what seemed to be the alien monster again. Even though I had enjoyed the sex so much with the tentacled alien, I was thinking in my head while i was running, that i was in need to return home and live my simple life again. As I was running, I tripped on a large tree vine and tumbled down a steep hill which led me into a bush of thick mud. I stood up and noticed in front of me an area which was surrounded by thick bushes and large tree vines which were covering the sky. I could see some sort of light coming from the open area so i began to push my way through the bushes to see what it was. As I came out of the bush I noticed I was standing in a small grassy circle area with nothing to be seen above me apart from tree vines and nothing to be seen around me but thick bushes. I decided that it was a good place to hide from the tentacle alien as it was a hard spot to find in the large forest area. I felt safe and warm in the cozy hidden space I found. Although soon to realise I was truly not safe...
I heard noises coming from all around me and I could only just see the sun fading into darkness. I became anxious of what was around me, soon to notice tentacles appearing from everywhere.
The tentacle alien had found me, but this time it had brought it's friend's. As I was sitting down on the ground all crouched up, I saw tentacles appearing from above me in the tree vines and also in front of me where the bushes were. I now knew there was no chance in escaping so I began to relax and spread my body out, as it is less painful if I didn't fight against the alien monsters. I saw multiple tentacles grab hold of me and grab me into a large hole only located right near where I was hiding.
As I entered the large open hole area, I soon noticed I was inside their lair. I saw a few monster aliens surrounding me with their large amounts of tentacles, but it was only soon that I became scared when I saw tens of monster aliens entering the lair hole. After 30 minutes of being distressed and held in the air by a couple of the monster aliens tentacles, I was now completely surrounded by at least 30 alien monsters. Some were larger then the original one i encountered so i became very nervous of what was going to happen next.
I was placed on a soft jelly like ball with my legs and arms spread out wide by tentacles. Literally hundreds of tentacles came flying towards me as my helpless body laid there naked. Tentacles began wrapping around my body and shooting a warm slime all over me until I was drenched in it. I tried to keep my mouth shut as I saw a large thick tentacle coming towards my mouth. But it was useless, as little tentacles began opening up my mouth so the large tentacle could be shoved down my throat. Tentacles were flying into my mouth from all directions, as I was struggling to breath and could not stop gagging. "ARGGHMMMMFFFUHHH"
I tilted my head down at my body to see that I was completely covered and wrapped in alien tentacles. I could not see a speck of my skin. Tentacles pulled apart my ass cheeks and began shoving tentacles inside my ass hole. It started as one tentacle then became five, as the aliens were trying to fit in as many tentacles in side my ass. "FUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKARRHHHH"
Tentacles were sucking on my penis until my penis was completely inside the tentacle. I was being sprayed with alien sperm every 5 seconds and could not move an inch of my body. I felt tentacles rubbing on the soles of my feet and even thrusting against the gaps in between my toes and spraying cum everywhere. "MMMMMMMFFFF MMMMM" I knew I was going to be trapped in that lair forever as the alien monsters raped me for days on end and enjoyed every second of it. My body would become so full of alien cum that it began spurting out from every hole in my body. My eyes and face would constantly be sprayed with sperm as I struggled every second to open my eyes. All I was able to do was moan with tentacles shoved in my mouth and attempt at screaming. "HELMMMFFFFFFFFF" "MMMFFFFFUHHH"
I was their sex toy that would be trapped there for life.
The End.