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Susan is a pornstar_(1)

2022-10-19 00:21:23

Susan had been on set now for 3 hours . The 49 year old mom was now a nymphomaniac thanks to her manager and master Jeff. He was a dope dealer turned hypnotist .Who found that his former high school teacher was now suited to giving head , getting fucked anally & up in the cunt for cash. He previously had used her for his own pleasure, but now Susan was only an ATM for him . This is how it always worked 70-30 split on all movies . Of course Jeff got 70% OF THE PROFITS.Besides hypnotizing Susan , he also put George under and he was now a complete cuckold who could only get off on watching his wife with other men and women CHAPTER 1-Susan and the 19 year old BBW- Susan was shooting her first scene in her 1st lezzie bdsm movie , her mistress was a chubby redhead with floopy tits who wore three inch heels , she was only 5ft 5 with heels, Susan on the otherhand wore 7inch thigh hooker boots was in great shape & had a fat ass with 44dd tits that barely sagged despite her age. Mistress Rose led Susan who was collared &leashed to the sofa and immediately had the mother of two eat her hairy redhead pussy. Susan licked at the cunt like it was steak. Rose screaming at the top of her lungs said " EAT MY CUNT SLAVE" Just then the director had a black middle aged lady with 38dd tits she was also collared enter the scene & she began rimming Susan. It was turning out to be a kinky scene , a blonde older bitch eating some younger pussy while an ebony mom rimmed the blonde mothers ass. No wonder Susan was getting paid a $1,000 for this scene. CHAPTER 2 Rose now sat on the couch as Susan & Kiki kissed her feet & licked her legs . Rose was having a great time, she was a fast food worker during the day . So using these housewives for her own pleasure was a real treat . Especially that Kiki she had a problem whenever she came into the restaurant , always complaining and shit. I guess her & that snotnose husband of hers had falling on some hard times or something. & now she was giving feet, licking pussy , ass & leg Rose laughed. Nothing could be further from the truth , Jeff had met her at the burger joint where Rose works & had also hypnotized her because she had a bad attitude towards people as did her now cuckold husband .Kiki now worked for him full time she worked at an insurance company before as a secretary . They were happy to see her go though cuz she was a rude bitch, now she was a rude bitch on film Jeff smiled. As Kiki and Susan continued , Jeff observed Mistress Rose she was a natural of course, she was not hypnotized. She did these solely for the money & Jeff liked that honesty. CHAPTER 3 Kiki was slurping away at Rose's hairy pussy as she shoved her fist way up Susans cunt. This would be distributed in Germany and France mostly so Jeff knew what was coming next . So he called Delroy (Kikis husband ) & George , Susan's cuckold wimpy husband. Both were told to wait in the lobby until summoned , now they both keenly observed as . Rose grabbed both ladies who were collared,leashed & wearing identical black thigh high leather hooker boots& nothing else and brought them to to bathroom which contained two toiilets, two standing urinals & one huge round bathtub .Mistress Rose would get the first opportunity & she told Susan to kneel down near the toilet & open her mouth which the 49yr old did & Rose pissed in her mouth and told Susan to swallow which she did. Next she took Kiki who always bitched about the service & food at the restaurant and had the old wench kneel on the floor near the other toilet& she pissed all over the black moms face tits & weave,when Rose was done Kiki was a golden face mess. And after Mistress Rose exited the scene stage left (lol). the real fun was about to begin. CHAPTER 4 - The director told both Delroy &George to strip and stand near the corner as both their wives took off their boots and sat in the huge round tub side by side. The director said quiet on the set & said 'ACTION", next ten young men in their 20s all carrying beer bottles entered the bathroom. Soon the shortest guy drank his beer & gave both milf whores a piss facial. Both George & Delroy were now jerking their small penises as they watched one dude after another piss all over their wives face. Jeff loved this by the end of this movie he would have six grand in his pocket. These two piss loving moms were now drinking piss not just receiving facials Nasty shit Jeff fuck the german and french porn industry thrives on this shit. Speaking of shit both Kiki and Susan were now giving rimjobs to 2 wimpy looking guys who couldnt be more than 23 years of age. Jeff knew for a fact that both these guys would cum all over the milfs faces. And the disgusting cuckold husbands would now cum a second time. watching. The cuckolds were now also part of the plot cause a a lot people love the humilation that these dumbasses should be suffering Bonus he thought he watched the wimpy guys cum on the matronly faces, & then a cameraman decides to get in on the shot .He puts a ski mask & urine sprays the sluts right in the face, The lights are dimmed as the scene ends