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Sarahs Submission: Ch 26 The Proposal

2022-12-06 12:37:05

This is a 28 chapter long form story. If you are finding this for the first time, I would encourage you to go back and read from Chapter 1 to get the most enjoyment from the overall story. Enjoy!

Sarah woke in the morning to find Mr. Michaels had texted her the number ‘2’. Her only surprise being the number seemed low for what she expected out of the lecherous old man. Deciding to knock out the first in the shower with her shower head, she made sure to leave the shower curtain open to give him a good show for the camera. When finished, she held up a finger indicating ‘1’ and blew the camera a kiss. She had no idea if he would really see it, but had fun pretending nonetheless.

At school, she discovered Ali had been given the number ‘3’ confirming that they would not be getting identical numbers each day. “Always with the games,” she commiserated with Ali, making them both laugh. They agreed to meet after school to ‘help each other out’ as well.

Getting together with Natalie later in the day, they went over the plans for babysitting on Thursday night. Sarah reaffirmed Natalie’s wholehearted agreement to dress slutty for big tips. Truth be told, her outfit at school would have been slutty enough.

After school, Ali joined Sarah to go back to her house. Ali looked a little nervous and bothered while they watched TV for a while. Having to prompt her numerous times to get Ali to open up, she finally agreed to share what bothered her. Sarah turned off the TV and looked at her friend.

“While we were with Mr. Michaels, I heard you say you ‘wanted to bring Natalie to him’.” Sarah took a deep breath knowing instantly what had Ali so upset. “So…. I can’t help thinking…. well…. I mean, I wanted to know….. you know, if that meant…”

Poor Ali didn’t want to accuse her, but Sarah couldn’t let Ali continue to squirm. “Yes Ali. I set you up. He didn’t tell me I had to, but I did it anyway. I wanted to please him. And, well, you are hot as shit and being a virgin and all, I thought it would please him,” she confessed.

“So all that during spring break, you were just…”

Sarah cut her off. “Yes. I saw the opportunity and I took it. You opened yourself up to me and I thought about myself. I was selfish and greedy and took advantage of your inexperience and trust. But that doesn’t change what happened during and after spring break. I love you Ali. We are sisters struggling and living through this together.” She felt tears roll down her cheeks. She hated admitting this to Ali, but also felt relief by finally saying it.

She continued, not making Ali respond. “I still feel awful about putting you in this predicament. Making you his slave like me. But a part of me felt like I had to. I have to please him. I can’t explain it. But I knew you would make him happy. Plus, if I am honest, I like having you with me to go through it.” Having admitted so much, she continued, “And maybe I am crazy, but I don’t really hate being submissive to him.”

When Ali didn’t respond, she asked, “Is there part of you that likes it?”

Ali sighed and frowned before staring and pulling at her fingers. “I don’t hate all of it. No.” She shook her head clearly struggling with her thoughts and emotions. Shaking her head again while looking up, she said somewhat exasperated, “Maybe I really am a slut, I don’t know. But the sex has been amazing. Especially with you. Yesterday with the three of us… I mean, I still can’t get it out of my mind.” Ali lowered her head.

Sarah moved closer and leaned forward until their heads touched. “Maybe it is okay if we both admit that we like being submissive. Like being out of control. I’ve gotten more out of this than I thought possible. And I think he will do even more for us. If we continue to be obedient.”

Sarah tilted Ali’s head up so they looked in each other’s eyes. She grabbed and held her hands, before asking tentatively, “Do you hate me? Is there any way you can forgive me?”

Ali looked pensive and stayed quiet for a while. “I don’t hate you Sarah. I didn’t have to steal. It wasn’t all you. I have to take some responsibility for what I did. I know you put the cheese in front of my nose, but I bit.”

“True. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still feel guilty. Especially because you mean so much to me.”

“And Natalie?” Ali asked with a tilt of her head.

Sarah let out a deep sigh. “What can I say? I need to find new ways to make him happy. To serve him. And I saw those big tits and damn that girl is fun to play with. And we know she doesn’t hate sex,” she offered before they both started giggling. “If she goes for it, who knows. More the merrier?” Sarah added with a smile and a shrug.

Ali leaned in and pushed Sarah on her back and stated, “Well bitch, looks like you owe me, and I think you going down on me is a good start. I still have two orgasms I have to complete, and I think you are going to take care of that for me.”

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah said with a straight face. Ali laughed and rolled Sarah to the side and swatted her ass playfully.

“Enough of that for today. Now let’s go upstairs and put you to work,” Ali commanded. They both got up off the couch.

“Yes Mistress,” Sarah said again earning another slap on the rump as they headed upstairs.

Once up in Sarah’s room, they stripped each other’s clothes off. Kissing without tongues proved a more difficult challenge than Sarah expected. It made her crave it all the more. She reached down and started to suck on Ali’s nipple, but Ali stopped her telling her it would probably violate the rules by sucking her nipple INTO her mouth. Sarah groaned knowing she had a valid point. But just licking her nipple seemed like torture.

Already frustrated, they skipped the foreplay Sarah went right after Ali’s twat. Again, only being able to lick the outside of Ali’s pussy lips and not being able to suck on her clit or stick her tongue inside of her felt so restrictive. She focused on flicking her tongue on the exposed button and soon had Ali squirming with pleasure. With Ali taken care of, she laid back on the bed and let Ali take care of her. Ali kissed down her thighs and took her time building Sarah up. After ten minutes of wonderful tongue lashing, Sarah arched her back and clutched Ali’s head through a nice, prolonged orgasm.

Even with that, it had barely been twenty minutes since they started. Sarah banged her hand onto the bed and wanted to pout when she realized she had already hit her limit of two for the day. Chiding herself for using up one first thing in the morning. Ali had also used one in the morning, so they flipped positions and Sarah rubbed and licked Ali’s pussy to another intense release.

Disappointed that they had to stop, she and Ali laid side by side in the bed. The ever-present camera would have caught all of the action if he happened to be watching. After a few moments of silence, Ali asked, “Do you think we could text him and beg him for another?”

Sarah laughed, “Are you kidding? Fuck no. Do that and he will make the torture worse somehow. Or just tell us we have to go without for the whole two weeks.” She sighed. “This is going to be harder than I though. Especially the kissing thing.” Consoling each other with a few more chaste kisses before getting dressed again, they ended up doing some homework for lack of anything else to do before Ali went home for the evening.


Thursday night went exactly as expected. Mr. Michaels enjoyed the view of Natalie’s skimpy outfit that showed more than a little cleavage and hung around for a bit longer than he should have before reluctantly leaving the girls. They had fun with Billy and played a lot of games before getting him to bed. Once alone, Sarah made some drinks for the two of them, keeping hers virgin unbeknownst to Natalie. The girls laughed and talked about prom night mostly. Natalie still couldn’t believe everything that had happened. She had been a little nervous that Joe would be weird about it the next day, but things had been hotter than ever between them. Natalie even hinted at a threesome with Sarah. Sarah readily agreed saying that she would love to if that wouldn’t cause problems with Joe.

Natalie surprised Sarah by leaning in to kiss her. Sarah hesitated for only a second before returning the kiss. But she had to fend off Natalie’s probing tongue. Natalie seemed confused by Sarah’s hesitancy and eventually stopped her advance.

“Did I do something wrong,” she asked concerned.

“No. No. Absolutely not. I’m just wondering if we should wait for Joe. I wouldn’t want him to find out and think we were going behind his back.” Sarah lied. Had it not been for her new restrictions, she would have fucked Natalie in a second. On top of that, Mr. Michaels had sent a ‘0’ that morning, frustrating Sarah even further and meant that even if she ate Natalie out, but then told Natalie that she didn’t want her to reciprocate, Sarah would hurt the girl’s feelings or cause more questions. Natalie still looked crestfallen and clearly worried that she has screwed things up.

Sarah moved in and rubbed her back. “Trust me. We have all summer. Let’s wait until the three of us can get together properly and then we will fuck each other’s brains out.” Natalie looked disappointed, but hugged Sarah and agreed.

Playing up that her drink had made her tipsy, she told Natalie her ‘secret’ about lifting money off of Mr. Michaels when she babysat. She swore Natalie to secrecy and then took her upstairs and showed her the money stash. Natalie’s eyes popped just like the previous girls and readily agreed to share in the easy profits. Sarah told her to count out $400 in smaller bills while she went to check on Billy and to make sure Mr. Michaels didn’t come home early and surprise them.

They split the loot downstairs and Natalie asked a ton of questions. As expected, she suddenly understood how Sarah had been able to throw such a great prom night party. Sarah confirmed all of Natalie’s suspicions and reaffirmed her confidentiality again. Whether it was the excitement of tricking another girl, or just her own sexual frustration, Sarah ended up pushed Natalie down on the couch, ripping her top and shorts off, and finger fucking Natalie through several big orgasms. Natalie wanted to return the favor, but Sarah convinced her that they had already pushed their luck with Mr. Michaels due home at any time.

Ten minutes later he arrived home. After some heavy flirting, both girls found ways to bend over in front of him making sure he got a good look at their tits. Sarah even ‘accidentally’ bent over enough for him to see that she had on one of the thongs he had given her under her short skirt. He tipped them generously and got big, long hugs from each of them feeling their braless breasts rub against him.


The next week continued to challenge Sarah sexually. On Friday, Mr. Michaels gave her a ‘6’. She spread it out throughout the day, but each orgasm made her crave penetration all the more. Saturday got another ‘5’ to her small rebellious scream in the morning on top of a reminder to think about his dick in her mouth while she masturbated. She had that image in her head all day.

Her date that night with Connor proved even more aggravating. He wanted to fuck and demanded an explanation at her refusal.

“Look,“ she said angrily, “I’ll give you a hand job or we can just call it a night. But I don’t want to fuck tonight. And before you ask, no, I’m not going to blow you! It’s a hand job or take care of it yourself!” He reluctantly agreed and she jerked him off in the backseat of his car. She licked the shaft and his balls, but again refused to take him in her mouth despite his begging. As payback, she edged him repeatedly, never letting him cum. She tortured his dick for twenty minutes before giving him relief. His cumshot hit the roof of the car and left huge blobs all over his stomach and chest. Sarah frowned at him and considered leaving him to clean himself up but relented and started licking up the mess.

He continued to complain like a three-year-old not getting his way. “I don’t understand why we can’t fuck. We always fuck. I don’t want just a hand job,” he protested.

“Not tonight, okay?! Jesus. Leave it alone already. We’ll fuck again after finals. But right now, I just don’t feel like it.”

He sighed and looked bored. They sat in silence stewing individually over the situation. Realistically, they didn’t have a lot in common other than sex. Which suited Sarah just fine most of the time. “At least let me eat you out. How about that?”

Sarah rolled her eyes. He wasn’t going to stop. “Fine. You can eat me out. But don’t finger me and don’t stick your tongue in me. Just lick me.”

“What the fuck is going on? Why? Why are you being like this?”

“God damn it. I don’t have to explain myself to you. I just don’t want to do that tonight, okay? Can’t you respect that? If you don’t want to eat me, then don’t. But if you are going to do it, then it is going to be my way. And only my way,” she said firmly and stared defiantly straight into his eyes.

He stared back still totally perplexed. Eventually he conceded, “Fine. Your way.” Sarah stripped off her shirt. Her butterfly necklace landed on her chest between her breasts clad in one of the pretty lacey bras Mr. Michaels had gotten for her. She had to slap Connor’s hands when he pulled at it and took it off carefully. Sliding her skirt down, she revealed the matching thong underwear, sheer enough to see her pussy lips through the small front triangular panel. Having the thongs riding between her pussy lips and up her butt crack still took getting used to as compared to her old more conservative underwear, but she loved how they looked. The beauty of her undergarments went unappreciated by Connor, and he worked quickly to strip them off her.

He leaned forward and kissed her. When his mouth started to open, Sarah redirected him to her neck and then let him kiss down to her breasts. He massaged and sucked on them and playfully bit her nipples, one after the other before making his way down to his prize. With her legs on his shoulders, he took long licks up her pussy. Each time pressing deeper in between the folds of her labia. It felt good and Sarah felt her loins begin to stir. She still owed Mr. Michaels three orgasms for the day. She pictured his mouth on her and his cock in her mouth, stretching it wide.

Connor spread her pussy open and started to swirl around and flick her clit with his tongue. As he kneaded her ass, she started to grind into his face. The back seat of the car still proved an uncomfortable place to have sex, but she had gotten used to being uncomfortable or even intentionally made to suffer while receiving pleasure, so the setting didn’t matter.

Connor took his time, and she began to relax and get into it. Talking dirty to him, she felt the swell of her climax growing, making her moan loudly and telling him how good it felt. When her groans turned to grunts and her hips thrust into him, she knew it would only be another few minutes. Right at that moment, Connor tried to slide his middle two fingers into her pulsating vagina.

Sarah reacted immediately and jumped up. Her building orgasm ruined. The flush in her cheeks now showing anger instead of arousal. “What the fuck Conner?! What did I say?! No fingers in me tonight you dumbshit! You fucking ruined that!” She realized she had screamed pretty loudly.

Connor screamed back just as loudly, “Why are you being such a bitch tonight? What is your problem? I don’t understand why we can’t just fuck.” Sarah had already started putting her clothes back on.

“If you ever want to fuck me again, you are going to have to learn that when I say no, I mean no. I let you do just about anything you want. Don’t act like I’m not the best lay you’ve ever had. I ask for one thing tonight and you can’t just go along? What an asshole.” She silently finished getting dressed, hooking her bra and putting her shirt on. Making sure she had everything straight, she then looked at him and said, “Take me home. We’re done tonight.”

“Fine!” he yelled back. They got back into the front seat and rode home in silence. When they got to her house, she got out without another word and stomped off to the front door. She heard him squeal the tires behind her but refused to look back at him. Going straight to her room, with hot angry tears streaming down her cheeks, she put on some music and tried to calm herself down.

After a while, she got ready for bed wearing just a big t-shirt. She reached under her bed and got her vibrator. Hiking up her legs, she used the vibrator to get herself off, one right after the other. By the third one, she alternated between the vibrator and rubbing her clit furiously with her hand.

She thought about Mr. Michaels and the demanding positions he had put her into the last time they were together. Picturing herself sucking his dick and choking while he face fucked her caused her to have to clamp her hand over her mouth to stifle herself through her last orgasm. When the tremors finally finished, she put the vibrator away and turned off the light. It wasn’t even 11pm, but she fell asleep frustrated and still horny.


Four more on Sunday amid lots of studying. They even had to cancel their massages. She and Jenny studied math together at Jenny’s house instead. Since Mr. Michaels hadn’t forbidden her to tell about the punishment, she explained it all to Jenny, making Jenny raise her eyebrows and cluck sympathetically to her. Jenny looked guilty while she relayed her previous night with Mr. Michaels. He had her one-on-one.

Using the same metal bar restraint he had used on Sarah and strapping her down fully restricted, he used the fucking machine to fuck her hard and fast while using the vibrator on her clit and slowly finger fucking her ass through multiple forced orgasms, making her beg him to stop. He then took her upstairs and tied her spreadeagle to the bed and had very slowly eaten and teased her pussy for almost an hour before letting her cum again. Before finally flipping her over and fucking her in the ass until he came all over her back. Afterward they took a long hot bath together. She stayed the night and they fucked in the morning and she gave him a blowjob before leaving. But he had also given her a similar array of sexy underwear on the way out. She couldn’t help but smile uncontrollably while telling Sarah what a wonderful night it had been.

As a consolation, Jenny agreed that she would eat Sarah’s pussy to help with one of her orgasms for the day. They ended up taking several study breaks over the afternoon and each got the other off every time. Sarah finger fucked Jenny with two fingers hard enough on the back of her pubic bone causing Jenny squirt onto her face, making both of the girls laugh.

Sarah sailed through finals. Being her senior year and having solid grades going into them, she didn’t need to worry about them, but studied diligently nonetheless. Mr. Michaels continued to make it tough on her regardless, demanding increasing numbers of orgasms each day. By Friday, he sent her ‘7’ and Sarah thought she would explode. Each day made her crave sticking something into her mouth more. All of the study breaks to diddle her pussy made her want to climb the walls.

Connor had approached her on Wednesday to apologize for their date. Sarah forgave him but vowed to herself to find some other boys to have fun with over the summer. Being a decent lay made Connor an easy choice a lot of time, but Sarah knew in her heart that she didn’t have very deep feelings for him. He had been a punishment to start with after all.

Paper and discarded books littered the hallways on Friday afternoon as the last tests concluded. Sarah signed a hundred yearbooks and got at least that many signatures in return. But the most important signatures were from Jenny and Ali. She couldn’t believe how close they had gotten. After all they had gone through together, she knew they would be lifelong friends. And probably lovers. They shared tears and hugs and promises to always stay in touch.

The girls had a big party to go to Friday night, but Mr. Michaels had asked them to come over before going out. They all met at Jenny’s to get ready. Sarah still had four orgasms to go for the day and Ali had five. The girls got naked and sat in a circle on the bed in front of the camera and took turns using a vibrator on each other’s pussy.

Making a game of it, the girls played odd man out shooting either one or two fingers. The two matching girls would get three minutes to play with the odd girl. One would use the vibrator and the other would grope and play with the loser’s tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Sarah managed to cum three times during the game and Ali gave up all of hers. Jenny came three times herself, but had the advantage of being able to be finger fucked as well.

Feeling a little giddy, the girls put on matching purple bra and panty sets from Mr. Michaels along with their ankle bracelets, having planned it ahead of time. Even though the sets were all the exact same color, each set had a little different style. They stood arm in arm at the mirror and admired the hot ass girls staring back at them. Sarah thought to herself, “Who wouldn’t want a harem of girls like this? Mr. Michaels really is a lucky man.”

Jenny set up her phone and took several pictures of the three of them in different poses and sent them to him. His ever-devoted girls. After finishing getting dressed, they headed over to his house. Sarah secretly hoped that he wouldn’t let them go out to the party and had a night of intense debaucherous sex planned for them.

As they walked into the family room, he jumped up with a big grin and gave each of them a lingering hug and kiss, congratulating them on finishing high school, starting with Jenny. Sarah watched as he took his time to kiss her passionately, clearly intertwining their tongues like lovers. Envy ripped through her, and her panties instantly got wet. She never would have believed that being denied like she had been over the last week would be so difficult. Wanting to be penetrated so badly it hurt. And she missed kissing like the two enjoyed. She ached for it all the more knowing she couldn’t have it until he allowed it. Nevertheless, the thought of displeasing him by breaking his instruction remained unthinkable.

When he finally broke the embrace with Jenny, he came to her next. He grabbed her up and made her gasp. He kissed her teasingly tracing his tongue around the outside of her lips. Sarah felt her hips clench, wanting to hump his leg she felt so horny. After months of almost constant sex, her body needed to be manhandled and she wanted to beg him to fuck her. Her lips parted involuntarily willing his tongue to enter. He shocked her again, causing an involuntary gasp, by grabbing her face in one hand. He pecked at her mouth and nose and pulled back. “All in due time pet. Graduation is Wednesday and then you’ll be mine. Don’t lose your focus yet.”

Ali got much the same treatment before he swatted her bottom and moved over to grab some champaign glasses off the table. Sarah had been so preoccupied she hadn’t noticed the champaign bucket and glasses set out. He poured each of them a glass. He toasted, “Here’s to my girls. Getting ready for the next chapter in their lives. Congratulations!” They all drank and he poured more.

They talked and drank for over an hour. Mostly about plans for the summer and upcoming college expectations. Sarah talked about being excited to start her new job the following week. Jenny had some travel plans with her family over the summer given that she didn’t need to work and didn’t plan to get a job.

Mr. Michaels asked Ali about her plans to work over the summer. She said she had applied to a couple of fast food places and the grocery store. After asking if she would like something more challenging, he promised to look into it for her. Given that he had found Sarah an awesome job, Ali gushed with appreciation at his potential help. He told them they would be welcome to come over and swim in the pool anytime they wanted. “Clothing optional,” he teased. But Sarah got the distinct impression it wasn’t a joke.

They managed to polish off two and most of a third bottle of champaign. With the girls feeling pretty tipsy from the bubbly, he offered to drop them off at their party and made them promise to get an uber home, but first he had them strip and dance for him. He turned on the music and all three girls started gyrating and bending over in front of him. They took each other’s clothes off and rubbed their bodies together. Each took a turn giving him a lap dance while the other two kissed and licked each other’s bodies.

With a tent in his pants, he stood and let the girls take off his clothes and underwear. Sarah carefully folded his clothes and set them aside while Jenny knelt in front of him started blowing him. With his dick still in her mouth, he backed over to the chair and sat down. Ali joined her and together they licked the shaft and around the head and Ali licked his balls, still restricted from even taking his shaft or scrotum into her mouth.

Sarah lined up behind Jenny and licked and finger fucked her friend while Jenny went back to deep throating his cock. Ali ran her hands over Jenny’s dangling breasts and pinched and pulled on Jenny’s nipples and then slid her hand down to Jenny’s clit and rubbed it while Sarah continued to go after her from behind. Sarah plunged two fingers in and out of Jenny’s vagina while pressing her face between Jenny’s butt cheeks to run her tongue in circles around her rosebud.

The all on assault by her friends had Jenny mumbling what could only be “may I cum?” while never stopping her cock sucking. Mr. Michaels groaned loudly, giving his assent before unloading into Jenny’s talented mouth. Sarah could feel her friend let go with her own orgasm, but also heard Jenny slurping and knew she must have let the cum slid out of her mouth.

Sarah moved around Jenny and leaned over the arm of the chair to join Jenny in licking the sticky salty semen from his shaft. Ali joined in as well to the feeding frenzy and licked a drop weeping out of the head of his dick. The three girls soon had him clean as a whistle. Sarah wanted more. She wanted to suck his cock and fuck him herself.

“Sarah and Ali. Do you have any orgasms left for the day?” he asked. Ali immediately pouted knowing she would miss out.

“I’ve got one left,” Sarah responded, careful not to sound to chipper to rub it into Ali.

“Do you want it now, or do you want to wait to see what happens at the party?”

Sarah didn’t need to think about it. “Now please Master. Will you please fuck me?” She asked in a meek voice hoping to entice him. He smiled and just stood and took her by the hand. The other girls stood as well and followed them as Mr. Michaels directed her to the ottoman. Laying her down, he pushed her legs back and wide open as he knelt in front of her.

At his direction, the other two got on either side of her. Sarah closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of three people rubbing, licking and kissing her body. She wondered to herself how many people in their whole lives had ever had this type of experience. His long slow licks up her sensitive pussy. Four hands fondling her tits and touching her lightly. Two mouths kissing all over her upper body and neck and taking turns kissing her mouth. She felt warm and tingly all over.

She moaned out loud without any concern for anyone hearing. As his tongue swirled around her clit, her body instinctively tried to push against him. He teased her so slowly letting the sensitivity grow. Jenny bit and pulled on her nipple, slowly grinding it between her teeth. Impulses shot between her nipple and her pussy as she started to writhe. She begged again to be fucked, knowing that he would not give in.

When he clamped his mouth over her clit and sucked it into his mouth, she knew it wouldn’t take much longer. The hot wave of a climax built in her. At it’s crescendo, she begged for release which he granted with a grunt and flicked her clit with his tongue like a hummingbird wing. Sarah exploded and cried out, realizing distantly how loud she had become since