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2022-05-14 00:00:03

“I have two fetishes, thick, hung men and being licked by either sex. And if a third person is involved all the better,” I answered with a bemused smile.

“Would you like to join both of us on Tuesday afternoon Sarah? We could do wonderful things together.”

They are both very attractive lipstick lesbians in their late thirties, five years younger than me.

On the Tuesday I am looking forward to ‘the wonderful things we could do together,’ the two women had alluded to a week earlier. I took a long time to ready myself for them. No pubic hair for them I smiled to myself as I slipped on a tiny black g-string to accentuate my ass. Then an above the knee little black dress, no bra on my modest tits, (my nipples were already erect in anticipation) and killer heels. And I do hope they can get me, or is it make me, aroused and excited enough to squirt for them.

I am Sarah, just past forty, a slim size ten, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me.

Less than ten minutes after I arrived at their lavish condo they had me naked apart from my heels and g-string - and very aroused. When I arrived they were both dressed in matching short silk blouses with just one button fastened.

I was pleased to see they both had sexy, feminine bodies as they asked me to undress them as I kissed each of them turn.

The way they both kissed me with their tongues was exquisite. They had both licked and sucked my nipples at the same time before kissing and licking my ass as they slid my g-string down to my ankles.

“When was the last time you sex Sarah?,” Anna asks with a tremor in her voice.

“Two nights ago after I told my man I was coming here today for a lesbian threesome. He was rapt at the thought of it and asked me lots of questions while he fucked me. He wanted to know all about you two. He was so aroused, his cock was like an iron bar.”

Then they had me stand in a doorway with my back resting against the frame as they took one of my legs and stretched it straight out so my foot in my high heel shoe was bracing me.

“That looks fantastic Sarah, love your bald cunt lips,” Janet whispered as we kissed passionately before she licked and sucked my nipples.

“Anna has wanted to fuck you with her tongue ever since we met, And I want to watch,” Janet tells me as Anna is licking and kissing her way up my thighs.

The first touch of Anna’s wet tongue on my clit, then my cunt lips is exquisite with her hands gripping my ass as I thrust forward to enjoy her and soak up the pleasure while Janet tongue kisses me. Sexual heaven with two passionate women at the same time, one with her tongue in my mouth, then licking my nipples and the other’s tongue pleasuring my cunt lips is sexual heaven.

“That is so good, so fucking good, did I tell you I am multi-orgasmic,” I moan as I enjoy my third orgasm in the space of just a few minutes. Then my body spasms as Anna grasps my ass even harder as she slides her tongue along the full length of my cunt lips.

“You really are a horny babe Sarah, you are so wet, that must be ten,” Anna murmurs as I have a huge orgasm.

A short time later Janet is flat on her back on a huge bed. I am determined to show my bi-sex skills by licking her to orgasm. Anna is sitting on her face facing me as she soaks up the pleasure of Janet’s tongue tongue licking her cunt lips.

Without saying a word I kiss, lick and suck her erect nipples in turn. A short time ago she was doing the same to me and I want to replicate the pleasure she gave me.

“Put your legs over my shoulders,” I tell her as I slide a pillow under her ass and lick, bite and blow my way up her thighs until my tongue makes contact with her clit. She has no hair around her cunt lips, just a trimmed tuft above.

I can feel her body responding as I tease and delay any contact with her cunt lips. I want to tease her until she is almost begging for my tongue by breathing on her vagina.

“Please Sarah, please, I want you now, right now,” she moans as I penetrate her with my tongue. “Use your whole mouth on me Sarah, not just your tongue.”

Then I inserted one finger into her while licking her, to stimulate both her clit and vagina. Then two fingers before I curled my fingers so they were shaped like a hook.

Then I pulled my fingers towards me and straightened them again and kept repeating. “Am I stimulating your g-spot?,” I teased as I licked her cunt lips at the same time.

“Am I, tell me? Or should I stop?”

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she managed to answer as she stopped licking Anna.

Her body is very tense as I whisper, “Cum for me, make my day. Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

I was very pleased with myself as Anna watched me take her over the edge with a huge orgasm.

Afterwards in another room they showed me a range of BDSM equipment. “Which one would you like to try Sarah with us?. How about that one?,” Anna asked as she watched me looking closely at a high, narrow, padded stool. “The idea is you lean forward resting on your elbows with your legs apart.”

Always keen to sample new pleasures I did exactly as she asked as Janet stood in front of me holding my hands as she tongue kissed me. “Enjoy Sarah, this is just for you, tell me if you like it.”

I was not sure what to expect, though I guessed after seeing the welts on both Anna’s and Janet’s ass cheeks. I can feel a whip with short lashes sliding over my ass in a teasing motion. Then a swoosh noise before the impact of the lashes on my ass. The sensation of Janet tongue kissing at the same is something I had never experienced before.

“That was just a teaser Sarah, would you some more? Harder this time?,” Anna smirked as I watched her change into a black leather cat suit.

“Yes, do it,” I reply, as I recall some women can orgasm in this situation. I love a sexual challenge and I want to orgasm while having my ass whipped.

After our earlier sex, my libido is sky high as I enjoy the second lot of lashes as Janet holds me tightly while we tongue kiss passionately.

Gorgeous ass Sarah, no dimples, how do you do it?,” she asks as she runs her hands over it before the third lash. Slightly harder this time and I am enjoying it.

Then more of the same. “Four, five, six, seven, eight,” I can hear Anna counting. “Some more Sarah?”

“Yes, two more, I love a sexual challenge and I desperately want to orgasm while having my ass whipped by you,” I respond.

I am so close to orgasm, my knees are shaking. Then the ninth lash and I am fighting to hold back my orgasm.

Then the tenth lash and I have the most wonderful long orgasm and squirt like never before.

“You are a very exciting woman Sarah. Two weeks ago we had never met you. I was very attracted to you at first sight. I asked you just three questions and here we are. Would you like to join us again soon? We could really stretch the boundaries next time,” Anna tells me as the three of us wind down in the shower with our hands all over each other.

“Yes, let’s do it, I love having my boundaries stretched,” I smile in anticipation as I enjoy Janet rubbing generous amounts of cream into the welts on my ass.

“How did you know I was bi?,” I ask as I depart.

“Everything about you, especially your eyes.”