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Pizza Hut

2022-10-01 00:35:15

I am not your typical American, exactly how many workers out there have masturbated at work? I think of myself as pretty normal, just a bit kinky when it comes to sex, but then I guess everyone has to rationalize their own actions. It all started out slow, and then just took off in my head. My hormones got too much say in my judgment. If you like Pizza Hut you may want to stop reading.

I work the morning shift and open up the place. It is my job to make sure there is enough dough from the freezer to the walk-in cooler for the following day, and then to take the dough already thawed and begin making crusts. I worked on the job the job for months with nary a sexual thought.

One Monday morning in April I awoke to my alarm as usual and felt a bit keen on rubbing off before jumping into the shower. I regularly passed up my chance at coffee and reading the morning paper when I greeted the day at attention. My DVD player has a six disc changer so my favorite was at the ready.

I love this scene in ‘Semen Sippers #4’. The plot of every scene in the series goes like this: two girls get off with each other; then one leads the other to two guys, the two guys each take a girl in whatever way they desire; finally they both cum and one girl ends up swallowing it all. The devil is in the details. Sometimes one girl is a reluctant participant that gags. Sometimes the guy comes in a girl’s ass and the other has to dig it out. You just never know what twist of fate awaits each scene –unless of course you have seen the movie a hundred times.

I am not sure what it is that makes a scene click with me. They are all whores, and they all put some effort into the making of the scene. Making this one my favorite was probably the looks of the reluctant girl coupled with the nastiness of the girl taking the lead. It isn’t blaringly obvious, but my close study of the scene has found the reluctant chick to be acting. She does a good job, rare, and has me begging for more. I actually watch the scene from the very beginning to end, which takes about 20-30 minutes.

The girl is not acting reluctant on the level that she –is– the girl in the scene. She is acting reluctant as a porno actress in a porno scene. The difference is profound. The girl is not led to her dominator and raped, as some unwitting bitches answering a newspaper ad find themselves, rather she is there for sex, but acting like she can’t quite handle the nasty things she is being asked to do, yet eagerly wanting to if you look deep down inside her soul. The fact that she loves it, even though she pretends she doesn’t, keeps me wanting more.

I normally stroke myself extra slow and let the moment build, sometimes replaying the final orgasm portion several times until the come shoots out practically of its own will, not because I furiously pounded myself to an orgasm. The ending of the scene is tremendous.

Reluctance is on the couch on her back holding her legs up in the air taking it up her ass. Leader is doggie style right next to her taking it up her as. The guy doing Leader is holding the base of his prick and slides it all the way out each stroke. Leader’s ass gapes open each time, her pink outer ring completely unable to close up shop when he pulls out. The lights are bright and aimed up her ass showing the pink insides doing a milking closed motion from the second ring inside still trying to squeeze shut.

Then out of the blue the guy, aiming his prick away from Leader puts a knee on the couch between the two and presents his cock inches from the lips of Reluctance. The camera zooms in and she has her mouth hanging open from having been moaning. The guy doesn’t put it in though. He wants her to take the last step and suck Leader’s pungent juices off with her own free will. Reluctance looks off screen up into his eyes and just as her focus freezes on him she opens her mouth up and with a slight grimace on her face that grows with her movement takes his head past her lips and sucks the juice off.

The guy doing Reluctance was obviously watching, because at that moment he is pushed over the edge. He pulls out and moves up renting space in her recently vacated mouth with his own cock. He pulls it back out and begins fully stroking it and for the first time moans. Reluctance now opens up wider and gets the inside of her mouth coated with his sauce. She keeps her mouth open and licks his come oozing off the hole of his dick. She makes her tongue pointed and pokes at it like she is trying to shove it up him and in doing so licks some of the lube that was in her ass off the head of his cock.

The scene is now spliced to a spot where Leader is on her knees waiting for the other guy to unleash. In just a few strokes he spurts. Thick gel-like torrents land on her tongue and are pulled back inside her mouth between each stroke. She holds onto his seed waiting for him to finish. As soon as he is complete, she spins around to the couch and grabs reluctance by the hair pulling her head back down to the couch. Her mouth is closed and she is still holding the earlier load in her mouth. She opens up and almost starts to gag, but overcoming it the camera can now see a small pool at the back of her throat of ejaculate mixed with a growing amount of saliva. Leader’s head rises up above Reluctance almost a foot. Leader has clearly been enjoying the fuck in her ass and can’t wait to spit the mouthful into Reluctance. She looked at Reluctance and waited for her hold her open mouth steady. Then she let her lips open enough for the liquid, full of spit bubbles mixed with the come, slide out and fill Reluctance up.

Reluctance then sat up and just before swallowing it all opened her mouth to show it all sitting there. A few milliliters leaked out and landed on her breast before she snapped her mouth shut, tilted her head back and consumed the perverse mixture. Leader then jumped down and licked spillage up while also sucking the nearby nipple to make it poke out. She then leaned up to Reluctance’s face and spit what was left with a shocking spray that covered her from chin to forehead.

The look on the face of Reluctance shows it was not scripted in her copy, but both guys immediately jumped down and each licked one side of her face clean only to spit it back in her mouth. She was made hornier by the guys licking her up, as her other nipple now poked out as far as the one that had been suctioned out by Leader a moment earlier. And she again showed her mouthful before finally swallowing the last drop.

A couple of minutes into this showing of the movie, with my favorite portion of the scene still twenty minutes away, I realize I had forgotten to set my clock an hour ahead. I am actually going to be late for work even if I rush. I jumped up and wiped the glop of Vaseline into a towel as I head for the shower. I quickly ready myself and make off to work in less than 8 minutes.

Cutting myself off in the middle of a session is a bad thing. I walk around in a half-aroused state quickly gaining an erection at the slightest wisp of a thought even remotely related to sexual pleasure. This day was no different. I open up the store 90 minutes before the next worker arrives. I wound up only 15 minutes late and was able to catch up by working faster than usual. Well into my routine I had the fateful epiphany I wish had never happened.

I was cutting up the dough into portions and had to move several over to make more room to finish chopping up the entire portion that came out of the box. My thumb poked into one of the pieces as I tried to grab. It was cool yet floured and allowed my thumb to slide in and back out as if cupped by two light pillows of flesh. It felt like I stuck my finger down the crack of some girl’s sexy bubble butt covered with baby powder sliding right between the cheeks.

The thought was one of many that day that brought me to a full erection, but this one was different. I had to do something about it. I was curious what it would feel like. With no one planned in for another forty minutes I stuck a blob of dough, enough for a large pizza, into the warm oven. I spread it out so it would get warm quickly. After a minute or so I pulled it out and formed it back into a ball. The dough had started to gain a crust on the outer edge so I ripped a slit down the middle and pulled open the fleshy center with the bubbles from the yeast now growing bigger. It tore open and formed a perfect pouch. I grabbed the oil and coated the inside draining the excess lube into the garbage can next to the counter. I then retreated to the bathroom on the off chance someone came in early.

Leaning on the wall across from the sink behind the door, I pulled my pants to my knees releasing the straining beast. It bobbed with my heartbeat and I pushed the blob using both hands over my shaft and started pumping. I closed my eyes and thought of the girl swallowing the load. The warm doughy feeling made stronger as I twisted the dough each stroke. It covered me all the way to my balls, as with each twisting motion I made sure the lower oily flap rubbed the base of my shaven scrotum. I felt like I was using the giant pillowy breasts of a very rotund woman to masturbate with.

Each stroke as I neared my release caused me to slow down. The build up was growing and I was going to vent my loins into the oiled pizza crust pocket pussy. The final strokes had me leaning my head back and moaning as my come spilled deep in the folds of the yeasty dough ball.

As I finished, my first thought was to marvel at how it felt. I first felt like the jerk on American Pie that did his Mom’s apple pie on the kitchen counter, but thankfully I wasn’t going to be caught by my Dad. I peeled the dough back to look inside at the creamy mess I left. The back of the dough vagina canal had a pool of tapioca-like white gel. I had really reached down to the depths to work this load out and felt satisfied. I looked around deciding what to do with the dough. I couldn’t flush it, and I didn’t want it to be found in the garbage can in the bathroom, so I set it on the sink while I pulled up my trouser housing the now flaccid beast.

After washing my hands I gathered up the dough and headed back to the kitchen. I would be able to dispose of it in the garbage there without difficulty. A dangerous thought entered my mind as I made it back to the kitchen, what if I served this dough one of the servers when she took her break. At first it was a crazy thought that I outwardly laughed at. But something sinister inside took hold of the idea.

I still can’t believe all the changes that have occurred in me. The power I feel. Every female server has eaten my sperm baked into the crust of their favorite pizza, made with love, by me. I feel powerful knowing that so far over 300 loyal customers, sexy enough to catch my eye, also get a crust made from my special reserve neatly tucked in the back corner of the cooler.