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Me,mom, and the two cousins

2022-07-03 00:00:05

[b]Let me start off. I'm Peter and I live in a small new England town that probaly no one has ever heard of. I am an only child and my father is a firefighter. My dad is almost never home, and my two cousins are always at my house with my mother and me. I had always thought that they were pretty cute and always wanted to put it in them.

We had a party the night before and my two cousins slept over Lisa and Nikki. In the morning it was a blizzard so they couldnt go home and my father was called into work. We were so board, so I just went into my room and started to jerk off. Lisa walked in on me, she is 19 brownish hair about a c-cup, and kind of chubby, but not fat, and you know what happens when you are horny. I turned around and kept jacking off as she just stood there.

"Shut the door"
she didnt say a word but she shut the door.
I stopped jerking "wanna blow me lisa????"
"ummm maybe only if lisa will, ill go get her"
"okay" I really did not want Nikki to come because she was a transsexual this ment she had a penis, but she is still very attrative withC-cups blonde hair and was skinny
"Hey whats up, lisa said you wanted me??" Nikki said
"Ya i want your buldge"
"excuse me"
"Ya you heard me" Lisa was just shuting the door and I was already stripping, same with lisa
"come'on Nikk" Lisa said
"okay" and she stripped down to her bra and her g-string "dont just just stand there Pete you have to blow me first"

I really did not want to because I felt it was gay. I was blowing her long and hard as I was I was fingering her and she seemed to enjoy it. I was really getting into it. We stood up after I got cummed in and did a train. I was fucking nikki and she was fucking her sister. I was rubbing her tits it was awesome I actually enjoyed it it was so much fun.

That was when mom walked in NAKED!!!! Now I had always thought that she was attrative with a 38-d about 41 years old brown hair, but never thought my deepest darkest fanasty would cum true. I pulled out of Nikki and she and her sister went at it. I went up to my mother and had her suck my dick and i liked her cunt.

Hers was just so fresh, you would think it was expired. It was amazing She started to finger me which at first I did nt really like but ened up loving it and fingered her up the ass. Than we both we over to my bed and made out.

"hey nikki why not put yourself in auntie for me" mom said "you too honey"

I was getting her from behind and Nikkie got her in the pussy.

"Lis comeon and do something to her"

Lisa started to suck my ass, I thought they were trying to turn me gay or something.

"how about some girl on girl action auntie'
fine with me" mom replied

"Pete I am gunna fuck you up the ass so hard your gunna reject it"
"Damn sister"
"here it goes"
"oooooo harder harder harder"
She pulled out
"Blow me"
I was sucking and sucking and squirt right in my mouth. I really like the taste too.

I went over to mom and fucked her in the pussy.
"Harder son, come on baby"
"Your so fucking hot,ummm, i cumming moma, hope you took the pill"
"NOOOOOOO Im off it stop stop!!!!"
I ignored her and put it in her

Everyone just stopped and stared around. Mom was crieng and we had to think of a plan of how we are going to deal with this.
"Abortion is not and option" I said
"I agree" mother said
The telephone rings
"Hi" Mom answers
"I love you"
"Bye Bye"

"That was just your father, he has to work another shift and won't be back till thursday. (today was wesnday night).

"Why don't we all just get a good night sleep"
"Okay Mom love you, and can Nikki sleep in my room tonight, we had so much fun"
"Can I come" Lisa said
"Ya sure threesome that would be awesome" I said
"Okay but wear these" mom handed us condoms " we have to play it safe from now on if we want to do that again"
Everyone agreed

The three of us went up to my room for some play. Lisa pulled out some boy shorts and a cotten bra, and Nikki just toke off all her clothes.

Nikki started to lap dance over me as I was rubbing Lisa. Then me and Lisa did the 69, while Nikki fucked me up the ass. Oh my god it was good, the first time it hurt to get it up in such a some hole but it eventually got in there with some help of KY. I felt her cum in me and it was dripping out my ass.

"Hey sweetie clean up your mess" I said
So she started to lick my ass as i did to Lisa.

"Okay lets do double penitraion to lisa, put on your condom Nikki" I said
"Ready to get rough and tough, lis" Nik said
"oh you bet your life i am." Lisa said in a sexy voice "oooo umm so good" she moaned other very dirty words.

I was shooting her up the pussy and as I was we were making out, and frenching.

I got an organsm and I pulled out, seconds latter Nikki pulled out too, and we layed there on my extra large sleeping bag on my floor. I was tired and went to sleep.

I guess that the two girls stayed up fucking and blowing because when I woke up at one in the morning there was cum all over me. I wanted Nikki to wake up so bad. So i decided to wake her up by fucking her up the bum hole. I rolled her over. Slapped her ass. And went digging. She woke up with the sexyest face ever (if that is even a word I do not care). I plowed her up the ass for a good five minutes and than it was her turn. This time we were standing up. We were moving back and fourth, back and fourth. I blow a load all over lisa we quickly layed down and went to sleep, or atleast Nikki did.

I went over to Lisa treing not to wake her up and licked my own cumm off of her and fell back a sleep.

In the morning, I went down stairs early to talk to mom
" i thpught of a good Idea"
"Okay what is it???"
"Have sex with dad and where a condom, just say it broke"
"Yes that is a good Idea, but my ass hole is strech out now think he'll notice??"