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DR. Jekyll and Ms. Heidi

2022-10-04 00:16:37

Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Heidi – by Magicwand

Chapter One

You are unlikely to believe my story, I find myself doubting it myself. I do need to put this down in some form, just to check my own mental state. Let me start from the beginning. My name is Jack, I am 42 years old.

I work long hours, being a biochemist for a pharmaceutical company requires a lot of work, especially when millions of dollars are at stake. It certainly has been a long road for me since my great grandfather ruined the family’s reputation back in England during the 1880’s. I am sure you have heard the stories of Doctor Henry Jekyll, however exaggerated they might be.

My grandfather made sure my father didn’t have to have that torment so he moved the family to the Chicago area and changed our last name to Kylle. I finished med school, but I liked the research part of medicine so I got my other degree in biochemistry.

I married Shelia in college and we have two great kids, Lucy 16 and Hank who just turned 19 and is in his first year of college. Truth being told, I haven’t had a lot of time to be with the wife and kids these past 3 years. My company Janus Pharmaceutical of Illinois was edged out by Pfizer when their Viagra came out. We were working on the same drug, but they beat us to it. Needless to say the company poured millions of dollars into that and it was lost. The board of directors fired a lot of folks, but my team survived.
Because of that, we are very security conscious and we work long hours because we can’t take work home with us. Every day when we leave the research lab, our briefcase gets checked by security. No papers, no notes or chemicals leave the building.

My team is called “the Gnomes.” We are actually the genome group, we do DNA research and revolutionary drugs that can genetically tailor a female egg so it will produce a healthy male or a female child. We are working to end birth defects forever.

Of course we are still years away doing that, but we will be producing a drug our IC series, Introl-Chloryalide (IC2) that will enable a person to change their eye color. No more cosmetic contacts. Once that becomes a success, the money from that should generate the research for IC4, which will retain flexibility of the cornea thereby eliminating poor eyesight due to old age.

We are also working on a female version of Viagra, a drug that will stimulate the libido in women. It is our DV series. DV1 and DV2 were horrible failures. DV3 was our break through, although it turned the chimps into insatiable nymphomaniacs. DV4 thru DV6 was a matter of regulating the libido stimulation. Now with DV7, we feel we have enough data and testing that we can apply to the FDA for human testing. That process is only two years away and we are all very excited.

I do have a little side project that I have been experimenting with and soon I will be presenting my findings to the research director, Dr. Cravin. It is based on our DV series. In this case DV8 combines some of the female hormones along with some of my great grandfather’s brain chemistry formulas. My theory was that it isn’t just regulating hormones, there needs to be a change in the brain chemistry that modifies abhorrent behavior as well.

I know my father would be appalled that I even have Henry Jekyll’s notes; I found them years ago locked in an old box my grandfather kept in an attic. Reading through these notes, I discovered that the science is actually quite sound. Obviously the stories of him becoming a monster were just sensationalistic reporting and the naiveté of the era. His formulas used to modify brain chemistry along with our genetic baseline can really propel our research a 100 times faster.

Naturally, I would be foolish to discuss this with anyone; they are all so biased by a 130 year old story that bringing up the name Jekyll would probably get me fired. No, the only way is to continue testing and developing DV8 and let Janus Pharmaceuticals take the accolades.

One of my team members, Mikhail Yugur routinely goes to the county morgue collecting DNA samples of unclaimed bodies. I needed a young female for DV8. The genetic baseline is from a teen prostitute that was found dead and abandoned. A sad story, however tragic her life was, her genetic code can now live on and help the lives of thousands of women all over the world someday.

I am about ready to start experimental trials on DV8. Theoretically, not only should it make a woman’s libido feel active, she should also feel younger, have quicker reflexes and her brain should be more active, think quicker and remember things easier.

Chimpanzees are what we use for trial testing. A chimp’s DNA is 99% that of a human and therefore the most compatible animal for our testing. Unfortunately they are also very expensive. But not only expensive, because of animal rights group, the amount of bureaucratic red tape necessary for all the paper work is just mind boggling.

Janus insists on detailed formula research papers before it will invest in these chimps. So I have to spend months now re-engineering how I came up with my grandfather’s formulas, then Janus will have them patented and evaluated. Needless to say, I was prepared for being a year away from testing.
But then Monday night Hank dropped by for dinner with the family. Hank told me that his school just received four chimps for their psychology department. Hank was taking experimental psychology and was telling us about how funny the chimps were.

I had the idea that I could use the college’s chimps for my trial testing. Hank could provide me the access but getting the drug out would be a problem. I knew that all of us on the team get searched by security when we leave.

“That’s it” I thought. The team gets searched but visitors usually are not. I called Hank and asked him to come over to the house. We grabbed a couple of sodas and went to the front porch. I told Hank that my new drug DV8 was ready for testing. But before I went the normal route, I wanted to test it on the college’s chimps first. I assured him it was totally safe for the chimps and that only I would be able to differentiate the behavior.

I also needed another favor from him and since I pay for his college tuition and fees for his frat house, I knew he would be aboard.

I told Dr. Cravin that my son was thinking of becoming a biochemist and would like to see what it is like to work at a company like Janus. He agreed and when Hank arrived on Friday, I gave him his “escort” badge and gave him a tour of the facility. When we got to my lab I secretly passed him two test tubes, one containing DV8 and another was what we call an anti-active reagent. Thereagent is supposed to help reverse the effects in case something goes wrong during the trial testing. He put them down the front of his pants.

Security pulled him for a random check. I nearly broke into a rant, but all they did is pat him lightly along the sides of his hips and he was sent out the door. I wiped the perspiration from my forehead.
I had told Hank to take the DV8 and hide it at the house and to take the anti-active back to his college with him and to bring it when I get there on Sunday.

I was so nervous on Friday that after Hank left; I only stayed a couple of more hours. It was a warm afternoon. Lucy was still in high school and Shelia was out of town till Monday seeing her sister in Cleveland. I rushed through the front door locking it behind me. I was feeling paranoid, the entire ride home I thought I was being followed.

Feeling agitated I was about to fix myself a scotch but then opted for something cold. I opened the fridge and saw a half full bottle of Gatorade. I chugged it down while closing the fridge and saw a note on the kitchen granite counter. It was from Hank, I should call him right away.

“Hey kiddo” I said into the phone.

“Hey dad” replied Hank. “I just wanted to tell you I got rid of the test tube and poured the stuff in an empty Gatorade container. It’s in the fridge, I kept it cool just like you said. I just wanted to let you know right away before Lucy got home. Dad? Hello dad? You still there?”

Chapter Two

I mumbled something to Hank then hung up on him dumbfounded. I had just drank the DV8. At first I was starting to freak out. On top of everything else, I have now ingested an experimental drug that hasn’t even been tested on chimps.

I realized I was a scientist. I had to think about it logically. First off, it was a small sample, it was for a two year old female chimp less than half my weight. Secondly, the formula was designed for a female. A man’s hormones are different. Although we carry a female chromosome in our DNA, it is not dominant and therefore could….should….not have any effect.

My body convulsed. I remember falling to the floor and thrashing about like I was in a seizure. I remember a burning sensation all over my skin and pain. I remember the pain was like needles from inside me pushing out from my skin. I remember my eyes blurred and then I blocked out.

I woke up and staggered to my feet and tripped over my pants. They had fallen down around my ankles, looking down I felt my head spin, like I was drunk. My eyes tried to focus around me. I stepped out of my pants feeling off balance and walked into my bedroom. I leaned on the dresser and l couldn’t believe what I saw. I blue eyed blonde teenager was in my mirror, wearing my shirt and tie. I looked at my arms, they were hidden under the long shirt. I took off the tie and unbuttoned the shirt. I gasped at my large breasts.
Taking a look at my naked self in the mirror I realized that DV8 had turned me into a woman. No, not a woman, a girl. A teen age girl. I knew who I was. I started remembering bits and pieces not memories of events but I knew I was a girl and my name was Heidi. I liked ice cream and I liked Mountain Dew and I liked drinking Mai Tai’s and I liked boys. Yeah I liked boys a lot, in fact thinking of them I instinctively moved my hands to my crotch. Involuntarily I started fingering her/my pussy. Half of my mind could not get over the fact that I have a pussy, while the rest of my brain wrestled with the fact I was horny and trying to get myself off.

Obviously the genetic pattern obtained from the deceased teen also retained her personality which was enhanced by the brain chemistry of Jekyll’s formula. It was fascinating and something to explore but it was getting more and more difficult to think clearly and logically.

It was then I heard the front door slam.

I heard Lucy’s voice yelling “Dad? You home early?” She must have seen my car in the driveway. I grabbed my robe, it was too big. I threw on my wife’s robe and tried to pull myself together. How am I going to explain this to my daughter?

I walked out of the bedroom. Lucy turned and as soon as she saw me she crossed her arms and got this nasty look on her face.

“And who the fuck are you?” she said.

“Hi I’m Heidi.” It just blurted out from my voice. It was like having two personalities in my head, both struggling for dominance.

“Lucy, let me explain” I was able to get out.

But Lucy raised an eyebrow and stormed past me into my bedroom yelling “dad, you better have an explanation for this. So help me I’ll tell mom.”

Lucy looked around the bedroom expecting to see me. Obviously she concluded I was fucking around on my wife with some teen tart.

“Lucy, it’s me, your father” I stammered.

“What kinda of shit are you talking about” she said.

I sat her down on the bed and told her the whole story. It was difficult because after two or three sentences I would interject with “gee I love your hair” or “those shoes are bitchin.” Not only that but I was holding her hand then slightly stroking her arm then twirling her hair. My body was actually getting sexual urges from my daughter. I took her hand and placed it on my bare knee. My daughter jumped up. “Woa there girl, er dad, jeez” she said.

“Lucy sorry, it’s like two people living in here and one of us is a real dude, like let’s go party” I said and shook off the robe.

“NO! I mean we have to get over to Hank to get the anti-active thingamabob” I said.

“Well I have some clothes that might fit, you’re a little bit more in the chest area than I am dad.”

“You can call me Heidi honey, and I don’t wear bras. Oh gee, I can keep my mind straight Lucy, sorry” I stammered again.

My daughter just chuckled and rolled her eyes. My mind clouded when I arrived in her room and Heidi took over rummaging through clothes and it was like I could separate my mind from my Heidi half while she was having fun picking out clothes and giggling I was thinking about the formula and if the anti-active reagent would reverse the effects.

Before I was able to comprehend, I was dressed and headed out the house. I looked at myself as I passsed the hall mirror and stopped, dumbfounded with what I saw.

“What the hell is this outfit?” I demanded.

“You picked it out dad” said Lucy.

I was wearing a short plaid skirt with powder blue tank top that exposed my belly. I then had a white shirt over that which the bottom was tied in a knot just under my breasts. My long blonde hair was in a pony tail but now I wore makeup with bright ruby lips. I looked like…

“I look like a hooker” I said.

“I wouldn’t go that far dad, lots of girls dress that way, it’s more because of that lipstick and your tits sticking out, but not much you can do with that” she laughed.

I started to say that this was unacceptable and go back and change but instead I said “fabulous” blew myself a kiss in the mirror and skipped out.

My daughter had to drive, since I didn’t have a license as Heidi. When we got to Hank’s fraternity house we were shocked. Apparently they were having some kind of party. There were loads of college kids hanging outside the house and filling the inside.

“Oh no, it’s some kind of party this is awful” I groaned.

“Dad, you stay here in the car, I’ll go get Hank” my daughter said.

“Thanks. I am not going in there, like this. No way.”

Chapter Three

Lucy ran out of the car and with difficulty making her way past several guys who attempted to get her attention and into the frat house. I was sitting back in the seat trying to make myself invisible when a tap of the window made me jump. I lowered the window and saw some young punk leering at me.
“Hey sweet thing, brought you over a little fruit punch” he said licking his lips. He pushed the drink into the car and I took it thinking I could use something a lot more than fruit juice. I downed the glass and soon the car started to spin. No, it wasn’t the car spinning I was inside the house and I was turning, oh no….I was dancing.

Another cup of fruit juice was in my hand and I remember thinking how thirsty I was but it tasted less sweet than just fruit juice. But I remember talking to some guys, but it wasn’t me talking, it was Heidi talking and laughing and dancing. I kept trying to remember I was a doctor, damn it, I have more degrees than brains than….but every time I tried, I would giggle.

I was feeling warm. I realized my eyes were closed I opened them and I was kissing a girl, no I was kissing a man. He was much taller than I and nearly lifted me off the floor. I felt his hands rubbing all over me and I was getting excited. I tried to pull away, but my head was so foggy and blurry.
I was feeling good now, I was breathing heavy but through my nose because something was in my mouth. It was going in and out of my mouth but I was mostly concentrating on the feeling of pleasure from my crotch. I realized I was on my knees and pulled my head back to let out a groan when I saw a cock come popping out of my mouth.

I thought to myself ‘oh god, I am sucking a cock and another guy is fucking me from behind.’ I was trying to process this information but the cock went back into my mouth and I instinctively started sucking in faster. My body shook, I thought maybe I am changing back but realized it was shaking with pleasure, I was having an orgasm.

Next thing I realized I was being carried then placed on a bed. My skirt was on but my top was off and someone was kissing my nipples. I lay back in the bed and glad to be relaxing and enjoying the sensation from my breasts.

“Heidi, you’re beautiful” said the young man.

“Thanks handsome” I giggled.

I looked into his eyes; there was something familiar and nice. I felt safe and warm as he kissed me and fondled by tits. I felt his body adjust over me and I moved my hand to his cock and guided it into the pussy. I started to think again but this body was fighting me, it was like I had no will of my own. I started to think to myself ‘I am a man, I need to get away’ but my body didn’t want to get away. Instead I arched my hips and pulled my legs over his back drawing him deeper into my pussy.

He started thrusting faster and his kisses were all over my neck and face I lightly scratched my nails along his back moving with his body. I gasped. I know I did. I probably even yelled.

I don’t mind writing this, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it all. The feeling of this big hulking boy drilling his rock hard cock into my pussy... yes MY PUSSY. It was mine and I was enjoying the feeling this body was doing for me. When I felt him shoot his warm cum into my pussy, my body shuttered and enjoyed a fullness I had never experienced as a man.

He rested on me a bit, crushing me and then rolled off and a wisp of cool air hit our sweating heated bodies. I know I was smiling. I looked about the room. It seemed familiar and then I saw Lucy at the door way.

“Well I see you found Hank” she said.

“Lucy what are you doing here? Get out” Hank said while covering his waist with a blanket.

“This is my friend Heidi and I came to take her home. Oh by the way, dad sent me over for some test tube?”
While my son and daughter talked I got dressed. My mind was still trying to clear things. The fact that I just had sex with my son, that was too much to think about now. Lucy grabbed my hand and started tugging me down the stairs and past the crowd, some of whom called out “Heidi”.

We got in the car and drove back. There was silence until she said “Dad, you are such a slut.”

“All I had was some fruit juice and” I stammered.

“Fruit juice. You think college guys have parties with fruit juice? Every one shows up with all kinds of liquor in a barrel with punch. The punch is so sweet; you can’t event taste the liquor.” Lucy was lecturing me.
I didn’t know what to say. I was ashamed; I had sex and not just one man, several men and not just that, but with my own son. Was I now incestuous; is that what this miracle scientific breakthrough of mine was?
“Did you get the reagent? Let me have it” I said.

“I can’t right now I am driving, I’ll give it to you in the house.” She said and with that we sat in silence till we arrived home.

We walked in the house and she headed straight for her bed room. I followed after her realizing I was barefoot. I looked in the hall mirror. Gone was my pony tail, my long blonde hair was disheveled and sticky, the lipstick too was mostly gone as was the tank top. My tits hung out over the small knot in the shirt because all the buttons were gone. I also was aware that I wasn’t wearing panties.

I slowly walked into her bedroom feeling ashamed. Her light was off only the light from the bathroom cast some light onto the bed. Lucy was undressed laying naked on the bed and patted the mattress next to her. I sat down about to say something when she put her finger on my lips.

“Let’s play Heidi go seek” she whispered.

Lucy then pulled me down on her pulling my shirt off and clutching at me. She kissed me and I kissed her back. My body now reacting on its own I fondled her tits and thrust my tongue in her mouth. After a minute or so I pulled away and looked at her.

“Daddy, you always treated your children the same and I expect you give me as good as time as you gave Hank. Then you can have your reagent. As for Heidi, until then, we have a few hours to enjoy your company.” Lucy gave a throated laugh and then twisted around so our tongues could reach each other’s pussy.

In the morning I took the reagent and an hour later I was back as my old self. My memories of Heidi are faint, like trying to remember a movie you watched only once a long time ago. Still, I doubt I will ever be the same. Lucy and I are still the only ones that know what really went on that weekend.

Lucy promises never to mention it to anyone that is unless I fail to bring more DV8 home when my wife goes to visit her Aunt next month. She’s even mentioned to invite Hank over.

IMPORTANT: This is a work of erotic fiction and should remain in the realm of fantasy. DO NOT abuse children and anyone under the age of 17 is a child, no matter how you think they act. NEVER act out sexually to a child. Erotica exists to enjoy the fantasy. Never confuse fantasy with reality. It only hurts everyone.