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Donald: Chapert One

2022-06-22 00:00:04

This text contains actions between a 50 year old male and a 16 year old female. This is not considered pedophile, because she is the age of consent. I will not tolerate unintelligent comments. I will speak my mind as well. Thanks. Hope you enjoy(:

"You guys do not understand the philosophy behind my hotels, each one has to be different from the other, but they have to have the same experience. Royalty, what if feels like to be Donald" Donald Royce spoke to his employees, around the massive table in the meeting room. The employees of Donald wrote down every important little detail, if they missed one, it was 'don't let the door hit you on the way out, in fact maybe it will knock some fucking sense into you'.

To get started with Donald Royce, he is one of the most respected men in the city of New York. Measured to be worth over $90,000,000, and aged to be 50. He has many homes, hotels, clubhouses, apartment buildings, and other items that a elderly rich man would enjoy, such as young women. He started creating his reputation back when he was twenty years of age, and ever since never gave up on his dream.

Donald was very dissapointed in his work crew, they have messed up so many times before, that it was looking pretty promising he was going to select a whole new crew. Although his new hotel that was being built around the corner, and the target customers were teens and young adults, he had a bunch of middle aged men and some women working this project. Donald zoned out of his own meeting, leaving the employees to discuss among themselves. He was thinking of a great business idea, or solution to this hotel. He needed a theme to support his target customers, and what better way to discover this theme then at the high school a few blocks away from his tower. "Shut up!" Donald belched across the quibbling mass of people. "Get me my limo and notify that I am making a visit to Lincoln High school in a half hour" he stood up and showed himself the way out, leaving his workers confused beyond belief.

Donald found himself sitting in his office, his door locked and the shades shut. He let the lights stay at their shut off staged and let himself relax into his $300.00 office chair. He hit the power button on his monitor, already having the computer tower on and the website he so desired left up, Donald was ready for a 'beating the meat session'. Donald let his trousers fall around his ankles, as he grasped his 7" length, and 2" width sized cock in his soft delicate hand. He clicked on the fresh video that was uploaded onto the site just a few moments ago...

Now, before the actual description of Donald's session, you need to understand how he obtained most of his fortune. Donald has always had a desire towards young women, or an appropriate word to replace women would be girls. Therefore, to make a fortune off of his desire, he created a website called youthontheloose.com. Any member of the website, can post any such video, only if they contain girls 18 and younger. It has made him millions since the first visitor.

Donald hit play and the short clip started, it was 24 minutes of a young five year old girl being ripped apart by her father. Donald watched in amazement as the little girls asshole was ripped and decorated with her blood, along with her fathers cock. He continued to beat his hard cock, groaning in pleasure as he felt his orgasm rising throughout his body. Soon, after 16 minutes in, he shot is first load all over the office floor. He spread his toes and released his cock to jump around and spurt as much cum he could release. A few short moments after releasing his cum, a knock at the door alarmed him of someones presence. "Sir, your limo is here to transfer you to the local high school around the block" a young female voice stated from the other side of the door. Donald grinned a mischievous grin. "Young lady, wait there for just one second, I need your assistance." he instructed as he zipped up his member and shuffled to the door. Flicking on the lights and unlocking the door, he opened it to a young girl that looked about 20 years of age. She did not matter to him, she was of course only an intern. Although she was important to this little detail of his life. "I seem to have made a mess underneath my desk, and I need some help to clean it up, would you be so kind and help someone out?" Donald asked, playing the pity party act. The young lady smiled and nodded, "Why yes, that won't be a problem Mr. Royce" she replied walking into the office. Donald closed the door behind her and then turned to lead her to the mess, placing his hand on her low waist. The young lady blushed and followed his direction, she came across the mess and gasped her face turning a rosy red. "Why you need to clean this up, you already stated you would." Donald teased, a wink towards the young lady. She nodded and descended to her knees, she placed her tongue out of her mouth and slowly leaned over to start licking the floor clean. She was eager now after she got a taste of the sweet sweet cum. Donald laughed to himself, lightly shoving her with his foot. "Stay here tramp until I get back, I'll have more of a mess for you to clean up" he demanded as he left his office seconds later.

Donald's limo pulled up in front of the high school, he grinned as his eyes noticed all the young flesh entering the building. He exited his vehicle and started for the front doors, but first he had a incident. Donald was bumped into by a young girl, she looked to be of 16 and had long blond hair. He smiled down at her, a bulge already developing in his dress pants. He stared down her shirt, making it obvious to the girl he was staring at. "Sorry" the girl muttered, bending over to retrieve her dropped books. "It's fine gorgeous" Donald replied, a wink of his eye. He watched her bend over, his eyes focusing in on her tight ass, slightly covered by the thin short skirt the school required the students to wear while attendance. The young girl blushed and smiled a little as she turned towards the school. Donald watched her enter the building, with only dirty, but yet long term romantic thoughts for her.

Donald stood in front of the class, well actually propped up against the teachers desk, with no respect to the teacher sitting behind him. "Well young adults, such as yourselves, are my main interest for my next hotel project. I need a bright idea that will catch you and others like you to entering into my hotel. Any ideas?" Donald asked as he surveyed the room for any raised hands. He noticed one in the back, "Yes, the cutie in the back" he pointed to the girl that bumped into him outside. "Well, to start with teens or young adults, video games and music are a big part of our lives, you should put that into your hotel. Food, fun, sex even..." the girl explained, her eyes diverted to the place of Donald's hard on. He grinned as he followed her eyes, a sparkle in his eyes. "Well that is a great idea young ma'am, what is your name?" Donald asked a smile written across his face. "Alison" she whispered, but repeated so he could hear. "How would you Alison, like to come with me to my office to work up a scheme. I'm sure your teacher would not mind?" Donald turned around and winked at the middle aged women, "If you send her with me, you can have the time of your life tonight." he promised. The teacher nodded, blushing a little. "Alison, go with Mr. Royce to discuss an idea, it will be extra credit for you as well." the teacher explained. "Well it's been nice, a pleasure to meet you all, how about we get going Alison?" Donald suggested as he traveled to the door. Alison gathered her stuff and followed him
out, not minding her books, she placed them into the locker nearby as Donald waited for her. Donald and Alison walked out of the building together and climbed into the limo. "Well Alison, I am very impressed with your knowledge of the business world. I had to just have one on one with such a bright mind." Donald flattered Alison, with every intention to get this young girl naked and penetrated with his cock. "Thanks, Mr. Royce" Alison replied, smiling her big white smile. "Call me Donald" Donald instructed Alison. "Donald" Alison whispered, "I like." Donald nodded in thanks, his hand resting upon her thigh as he reached across the distance to close it. "You are a very beautiful young girl Alison" Donald winked as he stated his compliment. Alison bit her lip, she wasn't used to such attention, but she did like it. For some reason though, she was getting slightly wet from the idea of his hand on her bare thigh. Just inches upwards and his hand would be touching the very spot she yearned for to be touched ever since she entered high school. Although she was considered a fine piece of ass at her school, she could not find any mature enough man to offer herself to, until now. He was sitting directly across from her, in fact his hand was just inches away from her wet pussy.

Donald could see her flushed face and her eyes focusing on his hand. "You like this?" He asked, his hand moving closer to her womanhood. She nodded, not even wanting to hide the fact that she wanted him to take advantage of her youth. Donald grinned, finally he had his own very fuck toy, yes he did feel an immediate connection to this young woman and had every right to obtain her heart as well. "What do you want me to do Alison?" Donald asked her, staring into her beautiful blue eyes. She bit her lip hard, and moaned slightly from his very touch. "Touch me there" she whispered, gasping at her own words. She didn't know this man, but yet she wanted this man. Her very own soul and well being was depending on his touch and pleasure. Donald grinned though, he could tell this girl was excited by how close she was to being touched, and that's what just happened. Donald closed the distance between his hand and the girls sex. He felt the wetness engrossing her white little cotton panties, being released from her little snatch. He grinned and also groaned, his cock bulging against the thin fabric of his dress pants.

Alison jumped, a loud moan released between her dick sucking lips. She was finally satisfied, she was being touched by this older man, and it excited her beyond any excitement she had endured before from her own hand. She opened her eyes and looked down between her legs, she was drenched and she knew that Donald knew so. She blushed a deep red, as she moaned once again, feeling his fingers start to rub up and down on her lips. "Donald, no more" she whispered. Donald nodded, redrawing his hand from her wet moist spot between her legs. He smiled and blew a little kiss her way. "Very well, there is plenty of time to do such acts of love, my princess Alison" Donald flattered Alison with his words, touches, and sounds. She smiled and nodded, catching her breath as she did. "Yes Donald, and I do want more to happen, but it has to be with the right man, though so far you are so perfect" she admitted with a wide grin.

To be continued...sorry for the lack of sexual interaction, this will be a series and I promise in future chapters there will plenty of hot sex between numerous of people. We have just had this series in mind for a long time now, and we wish to publish it.