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country life_(1)

2022-10-03 00:02:27

Chapter I

On the outskirts of town just off route 626 the huge farmhouse stood
isolated and surrounded by the yet to be harvested fields. For as far as
the eye could see, Ed the Farmer's land consumed the vision. Ed, the 55
year old widower had worked the land since he was old enough to drive the
plow and took over after his parents died in a road accident over 25 years
ago. The lanky, tanned farmers stood over 6' 5" tall and looked much
younger than his years. He was often mistaken for one of his sons; Tim,
Blond husky, with thick forearms, muscular calves and rough hands the size
of baseball mitts, and Buck, 27, the spittin image of his father's lanky
frame, blond hair, blue eyes and thin, tall, muscular build.

Each Friday as the three men rode into town to trade and sell their
produce, the men strutted through town saying their hellos and drinking a
few quick beers before heading back out to the farm. the women fold wet
their pants at the sight of the three men and many who had been lucky
enough to get fucked by either or all of them dreamed of marriage and
settling in to the farmhouse. Ed had taught the boys about sex at an early
age and before long had enjoyed man sex with each of them separately and
together. It was common to catch the sunrise at the farmhouse and in the
still dark morning hours hear the rustling of bed covers, the screaming of
bedsprings and moans of delight as the men gobbled cock and laid on their
backs to get a deep ass plowin before heading to the fields. to them it
was just another enjoyable part of life with each other but they were aware
of the secrecy involved.

Ed's long 10" mushroom headed, uncut prick had stretched many of the town's
men's holes and mouths over the years and occasionally the sheriff who Ed
had known since childhood joined them in Ed's huge bedroom on cold dark
nights or in the hay loft on those steaming hot summer days and nights.
Buck, the oldest had been fucked by sheriff when he was still a teenager
after he was caught jerking off behind city hall late one night. Sheriff
took him back to the jail and after feeling the boy up, pulled his overalls
down and pushing him face down onto the cot in the cell, proceeded to fuck
the shit out of him. buck came back often and was good at gobbling the
sheriff's prick down in one gulp. In the heat of summer, the men worked
bare back in the sun and walked around the house in the nude. The cocks
swinging with each step, resting on the couch cushions between spread open
legs, bull balls bouncing around and hands groping a passing cock in the
kitchen or sloppin off the cum on knees while one shaved in front of the
mirror in the morning. Ed and the sheriff had been loving each other for
years and had an unspoken but pronounced partnership. Many times the
sheriff would arrive with a county prisoner in shackles and having already
sexed the man up, allowed the farmers to join in for a man sex orgy that
lasted till the early dawn hours.

The barrel chested sheriff could be seen patrolling the highways and parked
off the road waiting for speeders. If one stopped to look closely, one
would have noticed that more often than not, the huge man had his hands on
someone's head pushing their face down into his crotch sucking him off. He
enjoyed long sucks in the hot afternoon sun out on the road and with his
teeth clinched and his shirt open massaging his huge quarter sized tits, he
would hiss "suck it boy" to the transient he picked up or the quarterback
of the high school football team.

Sheriff liked them old or young and enjoyed fucking them with his uncut,
fat, 9" club cock. He lied to be fucked, but only by black men and the
town was full of big dicked black bucks who craved the sheriff's bull round
butt encased in his khaki uniform. On those nights he was not at the
farmhouse, he could be found out by the railroad tracks behind town on his
knees getting plowed by one or more of his obliging black men with huge
horse cocks, who he opened up his puckered ass to. Big Ben, the forty five
year old farmer, coal black, farmer, 6'4", married with 6 kids had a 12",
fist thick black fuck stick that the sheriff discovered when he saw him
nude, cooling off in the pond one day years ago. The sheriff joined him
that hot day and let Be slide his horse meat up his ass until he almost
passed out. It took a week before the sheriff could take his cock up his
ass fully and even now, fights the urge to beg him to pull it out when Ben
begins to fuck the sheriff on his knees in the cell or out behind the town
late at night.

Ben had joined the sheriff and Ed on several occasions out at the
farmhouse. The first time Ben had gone out to see Ed about buying a piece
of his land. Ed could see the huge black man approaching as he stood in
the hay loft. He especially noticed the log hanging down Ben's leg as he
approached Ed in the coo dark cavern. Ed's cock flopped around his
overalls since he didn't wear underwear as he walked up to Ben with
greetings. The two men discussed their business with aching cocks and
after they shook on the deal, Ed reached down and began to massage Ben's
cock through the thin material of his cotton pants. "Let me suck yer dick"
Ed growled in his deep voice. Moving over to the horse stall, Ed sat on
the milking stool with Ben in front of him. Ed unbuckled Ben's' big brass
belt buckle and began sliding the pants down his tight ass and let the huge
black prick pop free. "Suck it white man" Ben commanded an proceeded to
slap Ed with his horse dick and spread the slimy precum juice around his
face before gabbing the man by his hair and feeding that bull cock to him.
Ed sitting on the stool, pants around his ankles, massaged his thick cock
in one hand, and sucked Ben's dick with a hold around the base of the black
man's cock with the other. The huge back dick stretched Ed's jaw's and
brought tears to his eyes as he choked and gagged on the fat black dick.
Ed swallowed the black mans'; cock and after about 25 minutes of chewing on
his dick stood up and said "let me fuck you, boy". Ben quickly dropped to
his knees to get the lanky farmer's prick wet and juicy while farmer Ed
looked down and watched his huge white prick slide in and out the black
man's mouth. big Ben turned around and standing in his mud covered
construction boots placed his huge hands on the top slat of the horse stall
with his glistening black ass offered to Ed. "Eat it" Ben commanded to
which Ed spread the man's tight black cheeks exposing his puckered hole, Ed
kissed and licked, probed, nuzzled the black ass and when it was
sufficiently wet began to slide his cock up the big black man's ass. Ben
let out a low moan as the white shaft invaded his hole and urged the farmer
on. "Fuck me man, plow mah black ass". Ed slammed his cock in and jerked
it out the black ass and lining the fat crimson head up to the black
farmer's asshole slid all 10" of his fat, cowfucking, white cock up the
black man's ass. Ed wrapped his strong lanky, tanned arms around the huge
black man and pumped his cock deep up inside. Ed's strong hands massaged
the tar black man's nipples and twisted and pinched them hard in his rough
callused farmers hands, while Ben growled and moaned in heat.

The sheriff had pulled up a while ago and used to seeing such scenes in the
barn, stripped and massaged his stiff prick off to the side and watched the
white farmers assault on the black farmer's ass. Walking in his size 14
mud encased cowboy boots, the sheriff moved toward to two men with his club
cock swinging ahead of him. He got behind Ed's ass which plowed that club
cock into Ben's ass and spreading the cheeks began to eat the sweaty musty
man's hole clean. Ed pulled his cum and shit covered cock out of the black
mans ass with a op and pushing sheriff onto the straw covered floor
straddled the man's chest with the slimy covered cock, dripping onto his
face. Ben spread the sheriff's legs and while farmer Ed pumped the
sheriffs mouth full of the cum and shit covered fuck stick which he had
pulled out of the black man's ass, Ben slowly fed the sheriff lying on his
back the black bull cock white he choked on the slimy dick being fucked in
to his mouth. The sheriff began to pump his cock releasing the huge
amounts of cum which landed everywhere while farmer Ed pumped his cum down
the sheriff's throat. The black farmer shot his hot cum up the sheriffs
ass and after laying around sweaty and covered with cum for awhile, the
three men showered and shared a beer before heading off.

Chapter II

Ben had fucked around with the boys all throughout high school. The 6"4"
star athlete had gained the attention of the Football coach as a freshman.
Coach Tanner had spotted the hulking young man the first day on the job as
the new coach when Ben strutted across the stage to accept his honor roll
award in the auditorium. Coach sat in the back in his warm-up suit, spread
legged and eyed the young man in his tight fitting suit pants and white
shirt while his cock expanded in his musty jock strap. The next day after
practice, Coach made sure Ben was the last one off the field and gave him
the job of carrying the equipment in. By the time Ben got to shower, the
rest of the team had gone already and in the dimly lit locker room, the
coach heard the water running in the shower. Undressing in his office the
coach padded towards the shower, towel flung over his broad shoulders and
spotted Ben soaping up. The suds contrasted with his ebony skin and his
man cock stuck out soft but firm in an arch away form his body. the coach
stepped into the shower and while Ben soaped up and let the water washed
the film off his body, he eyed coach with a nod and potted the horse cock
hanging between the coaches muscular black thighs. Ben's cock swelled up
and moved toward coach he reached out and flicked coaches right nipple
which had hardened with excitement. Coach grabbed Ben by the back of the
neck and pulled the man-boy toward him planting his full puffed lips
against the boys mouth. Having fucked around before but never having been
kissed, Ben tasted the sweet, salty taste of coach's tongue as it probed
his mouth and sucked on the pink snake in a deep kiss. Embracing coach,
Ben rubbed the muscular back and ran his huge hands around the mans tight
round butt as he kissed back and felt the man's arms surround his body with
a bear like squeeze. Moving out of the embrace Ben circled coach's right
nipple with his tongue and proceeded to suck, bite and lick the man's tit
as coach pressed the boys head harder onto his chest, moaning with
pleasure. "Yeah, boy, work that man tit. Suck it boy, bite it harder" the
coach commanded as he felt the boy's black fuck stick pressed between their
bodies. Coach dropped to his knees on the tile water covered floor and
grabbed the many-boys huge black prick by the root and began to lick the
plum sized head dripping pre-cum. Pulling the foreskin back over the huge
prick, coach nibbled then chewed the foreskin while his fist pumped the
boy's meat. Even with his huge hand on the back cock there was plenty of
room left, the hand barely covered half of the king sized fuck rod.
Backing off the prick, coach began to jerk the boy off. "You a man" the
coach graveled. Grabbing the boy by the shoulders the coach led them out
of the shower room into the musty dimly lit locker room. He sat on the
bench in front of the lockers and with the coach standing in front of him,
reached out and grabbed the man's forearm thick black cock in his hand.
Pulling the coach towards him, Ben stretched his mouth to accommodate the
fist sized head and began to suck the coaches dick from top to bottom.
Choking on the bull cock he looked up to the coach's face "Yeah, boy, suck
that man cock" the coach commanded and Ben began to swallow the meat,
gagging, with tears welling in his eyes , the coach had him by the back of
his head pushing the fat cock deeper into the athlete's mouth. "Yeah baby,
suck that cock". After chewing on the coach's fat horse dick for a while,
with his jaws stretched and aching, Ben pulled off the cock and grabbing it
by the root said to the coach "Fuck me, coach. That's what I want, man.
Make me your bitch boy coach". The coach aware of his size not wanting to
hurt the man-boy thought maybe not. "Fuck me now coach. I want to feel
you in may ass, man. Fuck me". The coach knew if he entered slowly he
could fuck the kid without ripping his ass open. Lying on his back, heavy
muscular black thighs straddling the narrow bench, Ben jerked on his fat
black cock as he watched the coach grease up his cow fucker. Coach
straddled the bench and grabbed the athlete's ankles in his huge hands,
lifting his legs up and spread out around his ears. Slowly coach rested
the boys heavy calves on his broad shoulders and placed his cock to the
entrance of the boys asshole. "Easy boy, I'll be easy". Coach lined up
his cock head to the man-boy's puckered hole and slowly pressed his cock up
against the eye of his manhood. Relaxing his ass muscles Ben winced at the
pressure and moved his ass around to make the entrance easier. The moaning
came out of his lips low and quiet at first and as the coach pressed the
plum head in to his ass the moans became deeper. "Ooohhhh man,
hoooolllll, man, aahhhh, oh man" As the coach's cock pushed through the
tight muscle guarding the athlete's manhood. "Shhhh, baby" the coached
whispered into his ear, nuzzling his lobe, "relax baby, I ain't gonna
hurtcha" and pressed further up the virgin hole. "Oh man, Noooo man,
ahhhh,,,hold up man, hold up" Coach rested his cock at that spot, the head
barely inside, until Ben gave the go ahead to push deeper. Coach had all
ten inches of his horse dick up Ben's ass before he knew it. Ben liked
that stuffed feeling of dick up his ass and felt the weight of the coach on
him. Legs spread wide, wrapped around the coaches back Ben contracted his
ass muscles to squeeze the man's dick in a vice. "Yeah, man" the coach
whispered, "it's yours baby. Come git it, boy". "Fuck me coach, make me
your man" Ben said looking deep into the man's brown eyes. Both men
drenched in a glistening sweat, dripping off their faces, down coach's back
filled the locker room with sex. Coach fucked in and out of Ben's ass and
massaged the man-boy's rock hard cock with his left hand while he plowed
into the stretched ass, pounding it into the bench, drenched in sweat.
Between clenched teeth the coach howled "I gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" and
pumped his fat cock harder and faster into the athlete's begging ass-cunt.
Coach shuddered as his cum shot deep into the bowels of the sweating boy
beneath him and he grabbed Ben's cock harder and felt the man-boy's cum
push out the dilated purple cock head, hitting him in his mouth, eyelashes,
and nose, pumping his cum up watching, him buck and shake in orgasm like
never before. After laying on top of the boy for a while with his
softening tube of cock meat still in him, coach led the athlete back to
the shower. That was the beginning of their fuck life. Sometimes the
coach would grab him down in the basement boiler room and suck his dick
between classes. He would pull the man-boys sweat-pants down and with the
boy leaning against the row of pipes pull his fat cock out of his jock
strap and chew on his cock. Be wore the jock straps coach had given him
and like to keep them funky and smelly of his cum and piss. Other times
they met at the coach's house or in the field house. One time Coach fucked
Ben in the pool after practice. The janitor, a huge Irish man with a fat
uncut cock joined in on the bleachers. Dirty Mike, the janitor like to
suck on the coach's hairy bull nuts while jerking on his own fat prick til
he shot off. He especially enjoyed the coach's cock right after cumming up
Ben's ass and would suck it while still warm and drippin shit and cum form
the fucking. After, he would suck Ben's ass and grab and play with the
boys bull balls as they swayed between his legs while his ass was in the
air. The three would often show up at the farmhouse together or separately
and it was quite a sight to see Ben getting plowed by Buck's fat white
cock while on his back, legs over Buck's shoulders, while Ed the father got
fucked on his knees by coach. "Fuck me boy, make me yer fuck, man. Stick
that black cock up mah ass, boy".


Throughout high school, Buck had many of his friends over to spend the
night. Most of the atheletes were unaware of the heavy man sex goin on
and limited themsleves tojerking off with Buck out in the barn. On
serval occassions, Buck invited Bo over tospend the night but did not
engage him in the sex parts of life on the farm. Bo was a quiet running
back on the high school fooball team. The atheltes stood about 5' 10"
tall, with braod shoulders, narrow waist, size 13 feet and coal
blackskin. Buck ahd often thouth about his big black lips suckin on his
fat white cock but did not approach Bo knowing he was deeply religious.

One summer night whle Bo slept over in the same room as Buck, after
everyone had gone to bed, Bo awoke to take a leak. Leving the debroom
the black athelete carefully made his way down the darkened stairs to the
bathroom. His light blue pajamas picked up the light from the t.v. set
as he made his way through the livingroom to the bathroom. After
relieving himself, Bo continued nto the living room where Ed, the father
laid sprawled out on the couch snoring while the t.v. played. In the
light of the T.v., Bs could see the lanky farmer laying face up on the
couch. Lying in his white boxer shotes, Ed's bydy stretched his full
6'5" along the couch with his arm covering his face. The tanned farmer
breathed and snored in a heavy sleep. Bo felt a stirring in his crotch
as he watched Buck's father sprawled out and noticed the lump in his
underwear. He could see the outline of the man's cock laying over his
right thigh underneath the thin cotton boxer shorts. He thought back to
earlier during the day when Ed was pissing out behind the barn and how
much he wanted to see the man's cock up close. Moving towards the couch
on tip toes, Bo kneeled down beteween the man and the coffee table and
making sure theman was still sleep, placed his face closer to the hidden
dick. Bo could smell the man's uncut dick and weatyballs and the aroma
turned him on furhter. Bo took his right hand and carefully placed it
over the soft tube. Gently Bo moved his hand up and down the soft dick
and placed his nose clsoer to the opeinnin of the man's fly. oving his
nose into the openinning, bo pressed his nostril into the sleeping
farmer's blond pubic hair and gently rubbed his face and inhaled the
man's smell. Bo's own cock had started to swell and he released his cock
out the pajamas. His fat black dick dripped precum onto the carpet as he
inhaded the farmer's crothch. The black athelete pushed the farmer's
cock gently closer to the oienning and when the foreskin covered dick
head was at the slit, he stuck his tongue out and licked the whited
dick. Bo gently nibbled the foreskin and chewed it very tenderly. The
juice that covered the white man's dick collected in the folds of skin
and Bo licked the salty slime with his tongue. Ed's prick had started to
respond to the nibbling and Bo checked to make sure the man was still
sleepp. With the lengthening and fattening prick poking out the
underewar, Bo looked at the white dick and noteiced theveins pulsing
throught the dick and licked the underside otthe cock as it streched
towards the sleeping farmers stomach. Reaching inside the man's
underwear, Bo lifted his bull sized hairy balls out and inhaled the sweaty,
musty odor. Bo licked at the hairy balls and took on of the fat egg
shaped baby makers into his mouth. Salty ad full, Bo genetly sucked one
and then nuzzled his face into both of them until his face was covered
with his own saliva. Ed's huge prick now exteded up to his navel and Bo
moved up to lick the whead while he fondled thefamer's hugwhairy ball in
his hnad. In the light from the t.v. Bo could see the man was still
asleep though he moved from time to time as if in a pleasant dream. Bo
now licked the swollen red dick head which poked out the foreskin.
Kissing the crimson head of the man's dick, Bo openned his mouth and
lightly chewed the pulsing dick. He gingerly put the head into his mouth
and moved his tongue around the head and began to move his mouth up and
down the farmer's whte fuck shaft. As he increased suckin in his mouth,
Bo was determined to swallow the man's cock whole and pushed his face
down onto the white cock until it slid deep down the athelete's throat.
That wok Ed up and keeping quiet, Ed watched his son's black friend suck
and choke on his fat white cock in thelightfrom thet.v. Shifting around
and pretending sleep, Ed gave Bo better acces to this cock and moved his
own hand down close to Bo's black cock hanging out his pajamas. With out
a sound Ed grabbed the boy's fat dick. Bo looked up, startled and caught
the wink Ed gave him. "Go to it boy, suck mah dick". Ed said while he
began to massage the black boy's cock in his huge calloused, knarlyhand.
Lifting his ass off the couch, Bo slid the white farmers underwear down
and off. Ed placed his right leg onto the floor and Bo moved up closer
to the whte man to suc his dick better. Grabbin Bo by the back of the
neck, Ed watched the black boy open his mouth and such his dick like a
botte. Lifting his legs up, Ed presented his sweaty ass to the boy and
Bo obliged by sticking his hot pink tongue up theman's asshole. Ed hled
the black boy's head to his asshole while he moved his ass around the
boy's face. "Eat that ass boy", Ed hissed while Bo slurped and sucked
and bit at the hairy white asshole. Removing hs pajamas, Bo stood up and
placed the head of his 10" fuck stic to the farmer's lips. Ed greedily
sucked the black athelete's cock into his mouth while he jerked on his fat
white cock. Bo fuced the white farmers face with his cock and pullin ghe
fat black dick out, kneeled on the couch between the outstretched
farmer's legs and sucked the white cock down his throat.

Buck had come downstairs and watched his buddy suck onhis father's cokc
while kneeling on the couch. Buck's throbbing white prick was stickin
out his pajameas as he watched his father force the black athelete's
mouth up and down his swollen, white cock. The room filled with the
smell of seat and ass and cock chees. Buck moved behing the black
athelete sucking his father's dick and put hs face to the black boys up
turned ass. Buck nuzzled the black ass and kissed andd licked the boys
buttbefore he plunged his pin tongue up his ass. Buck licked his buddy's
ass and herked on his own throbbing cock, while the kneeling athelete
sucked and choled on the farmer's cock. Ed commanded to Buck "Fuck him,
boy", and Buck lined up his slick precum covered cock and pushed his hard
white prick into the balck boy's ass. Bo jered at the intruding cock up
his ass but Ed held his head down on his cock with his strong arms. Bo
liked the thought of being fucked by Buck while suchin his buddy's
father's cock and soon wa moving hais ass back to meet every thrust of
cock Buck threw into him. Buck twsted Bo's tits in his fingers whle he
fucked the black athelete and fucked him as hard as he cold. "Gimme some
a that ass" Ed said and standing up, voved to the back of the couch.
Buck sat on the top of the couch and with his cum, shit and piss covered
white cock, watched his father sled his huge hwite famer dick up the
black boy's ass. "Fuck em pa", Buck encouraged his father awhle Buck
placed his shitty cock to the black athelete's lips. Bo suced the cock
in fornt of him while Buck moved his head up and down the shaft until in
was clean and coveed with saliva. "I'm gonna cum, shit man, I'm gonna
shoot" Ed bellowed, "Yeah, pa, me too. Imma fuckin cum" cried Buck and
bothof the men shot load of ot sticky cum into the servicing black boys

After pullin his cock out of Bo's mouth Buck quickly got underneath the
athelete and planted his mouth on the balck dick and shcked him dry while
the father let his softening cock slip out the black boy's ass. Sliding
down, Buck took his father's cum, shit and piss covered dick between his
lips and sucked the throbbing cock clea. Ed held his muscular son's head
in place and let loose a stream of hot yeally , stickypiss into his
mouth. Buck drank it down without spilling a drop. All three men went

The next morning, Bo went downstairs to take a leak. Ed was in the
bathroom, nude, shaving and saw the black athelete enter the bathroom.
Bo's dark skinned face was covered in dried cum. Bo look at the man and
Ed planted a huge, deep kiss on the encrusted black lips and grabbed the
athelete, pushing him down to his knees. "Wontcha suck ma dick again
befor ya go, boy". Bo sucked the lenghening smelly, white prick woen and
sucked the white farmer's prick until Ed released his hot cum into his

Chapter IV

While driving through the new development under construction on the edge of
town, Sheriff Mitchell got out of the cruiser to check around. The huge
red headed cop walked around to one of the housed and entering one, found
to black construction workers fucking around. Walter the oldest, 35 years
old, coal black skin, with a slight beer gut was standing in the unfinished
bedroom with his pants around his ankles. Kevin, the younger black worker,
tall, thin and lanky was on his knees sucking on Walter's fat black dick.
Walter had Kevin's head in his hands and guided the beer can thick dick in
and out his throat in a deep power face fuck. "Hey sheriff" Walter said
while Kevin continued to suck the black cock, "Want some". Sheriff had his
cock out and walked toward the huge beer gutted black man and reached into
his shirt to twist his man tits. Sheriff rubbed the thick, coarse hairs on
the man's chest and twisted his nipples while Kevin continued to suck and
lick the rat black fuck pole. Dropping to his knees, sheriff grabbed the
man's dick out of Kevin's mouth, gave Kevin a deep sloppy kiss and
proceeded to suck on Walter's cock. He had sucked his cock many times and
liked the fatness and heaviness of the black construction workers dick.
Moving behind the sheriff, Kevin pulled the man's uniform pants down,
looked at the pale freckled ass. Kevin licked the sherriff's hairy white
ass and placed the head of his dick to the hole. "Go head, boy, stick that
black cock on up there". Kevin spit on his hands and wet his cock. Lining
up the cock head to the man's puckered hole, he pushed past the muscle and
into the sheriff's tight, hot pussy hole. The long thin black pole fucked
in and out the sheriff's hole. Walter looked down at the sheriff below him
suckin on his dick and pumped his cock in and out. "Get ready to eat"
Walter said and unloaded his thick, salty, bitter cum into the sheriff's
mouth. Kevin pumped his cock harder and deeper up the sheriff's tight ass
and began to shoot his cum up the hot, grabbing man-cunt, pulling out and
shooting the rest onto the freckled back. After a momentary breather,
Kevin left saying he had to meet his wife. Sheriff, while pulling up his
pants told Walter to meet him at his house later that night.

Walter showed up at the sheriff's house around 8:00 that night. Sheriff
answered the door wearing only a graying jock strap, greeted Walter at the
door and grabbing his crotch, told him to go to the basement. The dimly
lit basement had a huge mattress on the floor and an assortment of dildoes,
cock rings, tit clamps and manacles that they and others had used before.
Dropping his sweat pants, Walter pushed the sheriff onto the mattress and
straddled the sheriff's chest with his soft black cock at his lips. "Get
it hard" Walter commanded and watched as the Sheriff licked and took the
black cock into his mouth. Reaching around, Walter grabbed the sheriff's
fat white cock and twisted and pulled his fuck stick getting it hard and
fat. After getting Walter's dick hard the sheriff rolled him off and
getting on his knees offered his ass to the black man. Walter pushed the
sheriff's legs open and licked the white man's hairy ass. Reaching
underneath the swollen white, hairy, bloated bull balls, Walter grabbed the
sheriff's dick and pulled it between his legs to suck on. The huge beer
gutted black man sucked on the sheriff's white engorged dick and massaged
his own black fuck rod. Releasing the sheriff's cock Walter moved behind
him and with out lube or warning, shoved his entire fat black horse dick
into the sheriff's puckered hole. The sheriff grunted at the assault on
his hole. Walter quickly pulled his shit covered dick out the begging hole
and reached over to grab one of the huge black dildoes. Walter licked the
head of the dildo which was twice as long as his own cock and twice as fat.
Pushing the sheriff's face into the piss covered, smelly mattress, Walter
rammed the fat head of the huge black dildo into the sheriff's dry asshole.
The sheriff grunted as the cock invaded his hole and moved as if to get
away. Grabbing the red-headed man around his waist with his huge left arm,
Walter held the bucking sheriff still as he plunged and pulled the fat
dildo in and out the man's ass with increasing speed and force. The
sheriff covered in sweat and loving the assault on his ass by the black
construction worker cried out "Fuck that ass, man. Fuck my ass you big
black nigger. Make me your pussy boy. Fuck man. Take it man. Show me
who's boss". The beer gutted black man slammed the whole fat rubber dick
into the red-headed sheriff and after twisting it and plunging it around
for a few more minutes yanked it out the man's ass. Reaching over, Walter
grabbed the motor oil can, and slathered his huge ham hock fist and arm
with the black goo. Slapping some of the oily goo onto the sheriff' ass,
Walter slipped two of his cigar thick fingers into the pursed hole. Adding
a third finger and fourth, Walter added his thumb to the well stretched
asshole and firmly pushed against the protesting hole. As the black man's
knuckled passed the sphincter, Sheriff's ass closed around the huge hand
and Walter made fist inside the sheriff's ass and began to slide his fist
further into the ass as he had done many times. before. The sheriff
groaned in pain as Walter fist fucked the sheriff's ass. Walter began to
move and rotate his fist faster and harder and punched the sheriff's ass
with his fist harder and faster, ;punching the sheriff's bowels while he
thrashed about the pissed on cum stained mattress in hot pleasure. The
huge black fist punched around the inside the sheriff's hole as Walter
breathed heavily, black skin glistening with sweat. Reaching around the
sheriff the black man pulled the man's fat white cock. As Walter's huge
black fist and arm assaulted his ass, his other fist jerked and pulled on
the white cock. Sheriff's cum blasted all over the mattress and Walter
could feel the spasms around his arm shoved deeply up the sheriff's
asshole. Slowly the beer gutted black construction worker pulled his shit
covered arm out the stretched asshole. Reaching around the sheriff Walter
aligned his fat black dick to the stretched hole and put the hit covered
black fist and arm to the sheriff's mouth. "Clean it off mo'fucka" Walter
snapped and felt the white man's tongue lick at the shit encrusted knuckles
and between his fingers. Walter began to fuck the sheriff with his fat
Blake horse dick while the red-headed sheriff licked, kissed and sucked
his shit covered fist. After Walter shot his stick load into the sheriff's
ass, Walter placed his lips to the sheriff asshole and let the cum and shit
drip into his mouth. The sheriff let go the stored up cum and shit into
the sweating black man's mouth. Walter forced the red-headed barrel
chested sheriff onto his back and laid his tar black body on top of the
pale freckled, muscular man. The sheriff lifted his head up and licked the
remaining shit and cum out of the man's mouth in a deep kiss. The to men
fell asleep like that for the rest of the night.

Chapter V

Buck enjoyed life on the farm and could not imagine living anywhere else.
The big blond farm boy had been popular in school and fucked all the girls
in the senior class, anytime he wanted. Many nights he could be found in
the backseat of his old Chevy with one of the cheerleaders bounding up and
down on his donkey dick. He loved watching them fuck themselves on his
cunt-stretcher while he sucked and played with their tits. Many nights
after the fuck fest with his father, Buck awoke with his thick white cock
straining at his pajamas and jerked off thinking about one or the other
scenes he enjoyed.

There was the time Buck was in the horse barn and was watching the studding
of one of the mares. The stallion was slipping its huge slimy cock into
the cunt of the mare. Buck watched as the dick, covered in slime slipped
in and out, fucking the mare like a piston. Buck's own cock was out and he
pressed it up against the stall, humping it as he watched the two animals
fuck. He often wondered what a cock that size would feel and taste like in
his mouth or up his ass. He had carefully examined the horses cock on
numerous occasions. He would put the horse in it's stall and secure the
legs in restraints. Buck would pet the animal and brush it's back with the
stiff haired brush and gradually work his way down to the underside of the
beast. Buck would gently massage the sheath where the horse cock was
hidden and increase the rubbing with his huge gnarly hands. Moving from
the side of the horse, Buck would get beneath the animal on his knees and
get his mouth closer to the sheath opening. As he massaged the horse's
still hidden cock he would get his mouth right to the opening and inhale
the horse meat aroma funk that lay hidden.

At first the cock head would appear; black, slimy, shiny and the size of a
man's fist, dripping oozed and smelling of raw sex. he loved the strong
animal sex odor that emitted from the dick and with one hand on his own fat
white cock and the other on the cock sheath, he would purse his full lips
to the slimy head as it came out of the funky opening. Kissing the meat,
he got the bitter, salty taste of the cock and moved his lips around the
slime covered head, inhaling the animal smell and jerking on his own cock.
As the massive cock continued to lengthen and come out the sheath, Buck
would crawl backwards with the horse's cock head at his lips and grab hold
of the dripping horse cock with both hands. The cock was slimy and his
hands massaged the juicy horse cock and spread some of the funky juice onto
his own prick. Buck had measured the huge horse dick before and it
measured well over 20 inches in length and 8 inches around. The fat head
barely fit in his mouth so he would place his spread wide lips over the
head and suck as much of it as he could while he massaged and rubbed the
dick hanging down from the horse. The barn would reek of the animals sex
smell while Buck jerked the huge horse, slimy dick in both of his gnarly
hands while he chewed, licked, sucked, kissed, and loved the fat purple
head. The horse above would be moving around in excitement and Buck urged
calm words up to the Beast, massaging the dick and under belly of the stud
horse. "Gimmee ya cum, baby" he would murmur as he sucked on the horses
slimy cock and rubbed the ooze covered dick over his face and hair,
covering himself with the slimy, sticky prick juice.

One time Buck had pulled a small oak table under the horse and laying
himself face down on it, was able to get close enough to work the head and
about 8 inches of the horses dick up into his ass. Having been fucked by
his pa and others, his ass muscle, though still tight, could accommodate
the hose dick. He had sucked the horses dick to erection and laying down
on the little table, moved his ass down a little at a time til the slime
covered head of the horse's dick was at his asshole. The muscular blond
farm boy got on his knee on the table and pressed his ass up against the
horse dick head. Slowly he moved his ass around the head getting the slime
off and lubricating his hole, Buck gently began backing onto the fist thick
head of the horses cock. It took a while and the pain seared red hot
through his body. The head of the dick pressed Buck's asshole ring wider
than ever. The continued the assault on his ass until the whole head of
the slimy dick was inside his ass. With a deep breath the kneeling farmboy
backed his ass slowly down the horses dick until he had about 8 inches of
horse dick up his ass. The restraints kept the horse from shoving the
whole, gigantic thing up inside him so Buck was able to let the horse shove
the eight inches in and out his stretched asshole. Fuck me, oh yeah, fuck
me, and yelled as the hose fucked in and out the puckered hole as Buck
twisted and pinched his tits while getting his ass plowed by the horse's
dick. The horse was not able to hold back and spilled its seed deep into
his bowels and seared the tender ass walls. Buck could feel the hot cum
gushing around his asshole and jerked himself off as the horse unloaded its
seed into the kneeling, begging farm boy. It took awhile for the horse to
unload all its cum and Buck would rest his head on the table as the horse
spilled the copious smelly hose cum up his ass. The cum had sprayed out of
Bucks ass and dripped onto the table, there was so much of it. After
resting awhile, he would stand up and push his ass muscles to expel the cum
from inside his hole. The gusher of horse cum, shit, and slime sprayed
onto the hay covered floor like a hose. The horse always gave Buck a good
ass stretchin.

The best part was sucking on the horses dick head until the horse dumped
its cum into Buck's mouth. The blond farm boy would jerk the dick in both
his hands and fasten his mouth to the horse's prick as it shot horse cum
into his mouth. Buck would gag and choke on the horse dick swallowing as
much of the slimy, smelly cum as he could, choking on the thick, slimy
stuff, most of which dripped out his mouth and down his chin to cover his
hairless muscular chest, arms and his prick which was straining erect and
pointing towards the ceiling of the barn. Buck enjoyed the taste of the
cum and sucked the horse's prick several times a month.

Buck also liked to suck Tyrone's dick. Tyrone was the mechanic in town
and Buck had sucked the black man's 10 inch donkey dick many times. The
short, muscular mechanic called Buck his nigga dick sucker and liked to get
Buck on his knees in the stall and watch him choke on his big black dick.
The black man had fucked Buck in the hayloft many times and urged the blond
farmboy to swallow his whole fuck stick. "Put my huge black cock down ya
throat, dick sucker". Sometimes Tyrone would be sucking on Ed's big ole
white prick while choked on his fat black pole.

Chapter VI

Tyrone had owned the service station for years and was the best mechanic in
the county. for travelers and locals in a jam he offered his expertise and
in no time had them on their way

One day an older gray haired white man pulled into Tyrone's shop. The
steam rising from the hood of the gigantic Mercedes spelled trouble.
Tyrone sized the man up, a city man, slightly gray, good shape, sharp suit.
the man watched as Tyrone began to fix the car and paced around the garage
smoking a stogie. Tyrone had his shirt off and his dark black skin shined
with sweat and grease. The short muscular black man's blue work pants hung
off his ass showing his crack and bunched around his soiled, ripped work
boots, caked with grime. The black man grunted and strained with the car
while the gray haired man watched. After a while, Tyrone came out from
under the hood and watched the man go into the men's room. Tyrone wiped
his grimy hands off and headed towards the stalled bathroom. When he
opened up the door, the stench of the smelly room hit him like a fist. The
door was closed to the stall nearest the urinal and Tyrone could hear the
white man taking a shit. Tyrone, walking up to the stinking urinal, pulled
out his mammoth black cock and took a leak, looking at the man's shoes that
showed beneath the stall wall. He noticed the man had leaned over and put
his eye against the hole in the wall and watched him handle his black dick.
Shaking the remains of piss off his dick, Tyrone faced the hole and let
his dick hang out his pants. The man groaned in the stall and Tyrone
walked forward, grabbing his cock in his grimy hand, whispered "you want
it?". The white man stuck his pink tongue through the hole and Tyrone
grabbed his fat cock and pushed it through the hole. On the other side of
the hole, the gray haired man was stoking a nice cut fat cock and watched
as the big black dick filled the hole and poked out towards him. Leaning
forward, he sniffed the black dick and got the whiff of Tyrone's unwashed
funk covered dick. He stuck his tongue out and licked the drop of precum
off the purple head. Pulling the skin back on the black dick, the
cocksucker opened his mouth and began to suck and kiss Tyrone's dick.
"Yeah, bitch" Tyrone moaned, "Suck that dick, boy." The white man moved
his lips up and down Tyrone's dick covering it in spit and kissing it,
filling his mouth on the black dick while on his knees jerkin his own fat
white cock. Tyrone pulled his dick out of the sucking mouth and came
around to open the stall door. The white man was on his knees breathing
hard covered in saliva. Tyrone stood in the door way with his fat black
dick sticking straight out away from his body towards the man on his knees.
The white man got back up on the reeking toilet and Tyrone moved towards
him, grabbing the back of the man's neck and brought his lips down onto the
black dick. Grabbing the man, Tyrone forced his cock down his throat and
held his head down around his dick while he choked and gagged on the black
cock down his throat. Gasping for air, the man leaned back on his haunches
admiring the black man above him and the dick which bobbed in front of him.
"You like that dick, dontcha white trash?" "gotcha sitting here sucking my
big black dick, gitin me all hot and shit. You like that white boy?". The
gray haired man, breathing hard and flushed smiled and played along."Yeah,
nigga. I like to suck big black dicks like yours. Now eat mah ass, boy!"
Tyrone pulled the man up and turning him around, leaned him bent over the
toilet and dropped down to smell the white ass in front of him. Hairy and
tight, the white man pulled his ass cheeks apart. "Eat it nigga." and
Tyrone stuck his pink tongue around the man's funky hole and began to lick
the ass. Slurping and biting the white hairy ass, Tyrone jerked his own
cock as he ate out the ass in his face.. "yeah boy, eat my ass, you fuckin
faggot". Turning around, the man pushed Tyrone on to the dirty tiled floor
on all fours. "Imma fuck you good, boy." And kissed the upturned shiny
black ass. Lining his pulsing cock up with the black man's puckered
asshole, Nick pushed and slammed all ten inches of club cock up the
mechanic's hole. "Ahh, boss, you got a big dick, easy man! Fuck it slow,
boss". Tyrone received the ass pounding, moaning on his knees on the cold
tiled dirty floor of the men's room. After a short while, Nick pulled his
cock out of the begging hole and turning Tyrone onto his back, straddled
his massive black chest, and with his cock dripping, pushed it into
Tyrone's sucking mouth. "Eat it, punk". As he slammed his cock in and out
of the mechanic's mouth. The shots of cum dribbled out of Tyrone's mouth
and after pulling his cock out, Nick bent down and kissed the mechanic,
cleaning his mouth out of the cum and funk juice.

As it turned out, Nick was the warden up at the penitentiary. He told
Tyrone how he liked to suck and fuck around with the prisoners and guards
up there and invited Tyrone up sometime.