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Andi Turns the Tables

2022-05-19 00:00:04

“Andi Turns The Tables”

Andi helps her husband Eric fulfill his desire to be fucked in the ass, even if he doesn't know it's what he wants.

At first she was disgusted. Then she was shocked. Then she was angry. She stared at the history on Internet Explorer and didn't know what to do. What was this site her husband had been going to? She clicked on the link, http://stories.xnxx.com, and went to the last story he had been reading.

“Erotic fiction,” she mused to herself, “At least its not pornography.” The thought of her husband looking at porn disgusted her. She didn't want to even think that another naked woman might get him off.

She started reading the last story he had read and was shocked by its contents. She found herself blushing and shaking with a sense of betrayal. She had to know for sure so she went to the next one he had read. Same theme. All of them.

“He's gay!” She said to herself, “My husband is gay!” All of the stories he had been reading involved two men having sex. All of them were told from the perspective of a submissive guy being fucked in the ass.

For several days Andi didn't know what to do. She wanted to confront him about it but she was afraid the truth would come out. Then one night while they were having sex she had an epiphany: He can't be gay, he seems to love this too much! But why was he reading those stories?

She decided to do some investigating and went deeper into the history of his internet debauchery. She found movies, pictures, and more stories. She started to get a picture of what he was fantasizing about and she found herself getting wet at the thought. A plan formed in her mind.

It took a few weeks of waiting for the package to arrive before she could put her plan into action. Once she got it and made sure it was everything that she needed, she sprung her trap.

A romantic dinner with candlelight and wine set the mood. He knew something was up but wasn't sure what.

“Lets go to the bedroom,” she said with a sultry wink.

Eric grinned and followed her into the bedroom readily. Once inside the bedroom Andi began to kiss and nibble on Eric's exposed skin, working her way up and down his body, removing his clothes as she went. Soon he was naked and standing at attention.

“Lay down on the bed,” she said, a sudden authoritarian tone in her voice.

Eric grinned even wider, it had been a long time since she had been the dominant one in the bedroom. He was ready for a kinky role change.

He laid down on the bed.

“Not on your back, slut, on your stomach!” She snapped.

He started, she had never called him slut before, and stared at her.

“NOW!” She yelled.

He quickly rolled over on his stomach. First she grabbed his right hand, then his left, and he felt them get cuffed behind his back. “Andi,” he said with a slight tinge of fear, “What has gotten-” he was cut off as she slapped his ass hard. “Speak when spoken to, slut.” She commanded.

A blindfold went over his eyes shortly after that and then he felt his legs being tied up, leaving him spread eagle and his hands restrained behind his back.

“I'll be back, slut, why don't you wait there for a while,” she said with wicked hints dripping in her voice.

How long he was laying there blind, helpless, and alone, Eric didn't know. He was confused and a little frightened and, to his astonishment, hard as a rock. He never thought this kind of treatment would turn him on but he had to admit that this new attitude in his wife was exhilarating. It was almost as if he was at the mercy of a strange woman instead of the girl he married.

Finally he heard noises behind him. “Are you ready for me, slut?” Her voice was commanding, even caustic.

“What are we...” he started but was cut off, “It's a yes or no question, slut!” She snapped.

“Yes,” he replied, hoping that she didn't hear the quaking of his voice.

A small laugh from the darkness revealed that she probably had.

There was another pause followed by a sharp sting as she smacked his ass with her bare palm. He bit his lip to prevent crying out. She laughed again and gently massaged the red welt on his bare ass. He sighed softly but was cut off when she began to ring a series of stinging blows to his ass, alternating from one cheek to the other, setting a rhythm.

Finally he had to beg her to stop and she laughed again.

For her part Andi was soaking wet with desire from abusing her husband like this and she wanted his cock inside her more than ever. The toy that she had inside her tight little pussy wasn't enough, it never was, but she wasn't done with him yet and she was not going to stop now.

His breath ragged, Eric waited for what seemed an eternity for the next blow. “Andi?” he almost whispered. No response. He shifted on the bed, his raging hard-on growing more and more uncomfortable pressed into the sheets under him.

He felt and heard her move next to him and suddenly something cold and hard pressed against his lips. “Suck my cock, slut!” She commanded.

He froze. What had she just said?

“I know you want it, I've seen the porn sites you have been visiting.”

“Oh my God,” he thought to himself, “She knows.” A sudden twinge of fear in his stomach. “Now what?” he wondered, “Is she going to leave me?” The irrational thought was soon banished, however, as he realized she was doing her best to make his fantasy come true.

He opened his mouth slowly and let the fake cock slide in. He could feel her thrusting in and out of his mouth, an experience he had always fantasized about with a real cock, and now his wife was making it happen as best as she could.

Andi couldn't believe what she was doing and seeing. Here was her husband, bound to the bed, blindfolded, with his lips wrapped around the 8” purple strap-on cock she was wearing. A fresh flood of juices lubricated her pussy, and the ache in her was too much. She reached for the control and turned on the vibrator.

The strap-on Andi had bought had two cocks – one that was about 8” and realistic, and one that was slightly smaller and sat lower on the harness, perfectly fitting into her pussy. Both cocks had vibrators installed with separate controls and she had just turned on the one that was in her soaked pussy.

Her knees went weak with the sudden pleasure that rippled through her aching pink walls. She moaned despite herself and her thrusts into his mouth quickened. Each thrust was counterpointed by the motion of the vibrator in her pussy and she quickly felt her first orgasm coming on.

“That's it slut, suck my cock!” She practically screamed as a sudden wave of pleasure causing her to violently ram the dildo down his throat. As Eric gagged, unable to pull away, and her orgasm overcame her and she had to hold onto his head to keep from buckling.

“Suck it slut! Choke on it!” She moaned, shaking with the force of her orgasm.

Slowly she came down from her waves of pleasure, and she turned the vibrator off to protect her now sensitive pussy. She didn't want this to end just yet.

She pulled out of his mouth, leaving a trail of froth and saliva as he gasped for breath, and walked behind him.

“Are you ready for me, slut?”

All he could do was choke and gasp. Then he felt the head of the cock at his virgin hole and he jumped.

“No!” He gasped, “We need lube!”

“Oh baby, its as lubed as your cock gets when I let you fuck my ass. Your spit is all over it...sure it will hurt, but you'll take the pain for your Mommy won't you, slut?”

“Yes,” he whispered.


“Yes, Mommy!” He moaned in reply.

Eric braced himself. Part of him had wanted this all of his life, part of him wanted to break free of his bonds and run. The sudden pressure on his asshole didn't help matters. He instinctively pulled away, only to feel her hands on his hips as she pulled him back.

“No no, little slut, running from Mommy only makes it worse.” He winced. “I was going to go easy on you,” She continued, “But since you aren't cooperating I guess we'll have to do it the hard way.”

“No I'll-” He protested but was cut off by a gasp of breath escaping his lungs as sudden pain inflamed his senses. She had grabbed his hips and with one devastating thrust she buried the entire length of the massive invader into his virgin asshole. The violence of the act had forced the air from his lungs and he couldn't even scream from the searing pain that enveloped his entire body.

“Speechless, slut, you like what Mommy does to you?” She laughed out loud, “Get ready, slut, I'm just starting.”

Andi paused to admire her handiwork. She looked down at her hips, pressed against his tight little ass, and gripped sides. She felt a sudden rush of power like she had never had before. With this rush of power came an equally sudden rush of juices out of her pussy and she shuddered in pleasure.

She reached over to the controllers and turned both vibrators on. A sudden jerk from Eric let her know he was feeling it and her own body shivered in time with the thrumming toy buried in pussy.

Slowly she began to thrust in and out of his ass.

The pain was indescribable for Eric. He instantly regretted all of the times he had fucked her in the ass without lube. She had seemed to like it or at least he had convinced himself that she had. Now she was getting her revenge.

He winced, he moaned, he writhed. He tried everything he could to ignore the pain. After what seemed like an eternity it seemed to dull and was being replaced with the tickling buzz of the vibrator. He realized his body was adjusting to the massive invader and he felt some relief.

“Thats it slut-boy,” Andi moaned, “Relax and enjoy the ride.”

Eric's only response was a grunt as she thrust back into him.

Eric found himself fading into a daydream like state. The pain had begun to mix with pleasure and the incredible sensation of being full like he had never felt before. Andi's voice as she constantly talked down to him, ridiculed him, and moaned in her own pleasure faded.

Soon he found himself as an animal. He was now thrusting back against her, each penetration sending waves of pleasure rippling through his body. He found himself feeling empty as she would pull out, and in desperation he would slam back onto the strap-on, fulfilling his lustful need to have his ass violated by her.

Andi was also becoming lost in her own lust. The power she wielded over Eric, the unending pleasure from the vibrator in her pussy, and the back of the strap-on hitting her clit every time she slammed into his virgin hole was intoxicating. Her words had become nothing more than animal moans, a high-pitched counterpoint to her partner's primal grunts.

Eric could feel the pressure building in his cock. He had never needed a release as much as he needed this. His whole body was aching with the desire to cum, his every inch ringing with pleasure and pain that was indescribable.

“Oh God, slut, Mommy is gonna cum!” His wife suddenly yelled, her thrusts becoming more like violent jerks that shook his whole body.

“Yes, Mommy,” He grunted back, “Cum in your slut-boy!”

His words sent her over the edge and she slammed the full length of the cock into his ass, forcing his entire body forward.

“Oh Mommy!” Eric gasped, as the final thrust sent him into a state of bliss, “I'm cumming!” His cock twitched as jet after jet of cum spilled out onto the mattress and his stomach. For a split second in his mind he really was a slut being fucked by a man and he was loving every minute of the submissive debauchery he was engaged in.

Time stopped as the two lay there, Andi on top of Eric, their sweaty bodies stuck together. Andi reached for the controller with limp hands to turn off the vibrations that were now too much for both of their over-stimulated bodies.

Eric gasped for breath and whimpered in disappointment as first the vibrations in his violated ass ceased and then a sudden emptiness as the cock was withdrawn.

Andi slowly released his hands and flipped him on his back. She pulled off his blindfold. He looked up at her, standing over him with the giant purple cock sticking out of her crotch, and marveled at the woman his wife had become. She looked so dominant, so commanding. She smiled, reached down, and scraped the cum off of his stomach.

Then with a wicked glint she placed a large dollop of his white goo on the head of the purple cock and leaned forward. “Swallow my cum, slut,” She whispered to him.

He stared for a second as the cum began to drip off of the cock towards his face and then he leaned up and took the full length of the fake member in his mouth. He could taste a mixture of his cum and the musky flavor of his ass and he reveled in the nastiness of both as he swallowed.

“What a good slut you are,” She said.

“What a good Mommy you are,” He replied.

They snuggled up together in the bed and she whispered in his ear, “Next time I won't be so gentle.”